Valeriya Yuzvyak needs our help

Valeryia Yuzvyak (Ukraine)

Ukrainian senior group member, Valeriya Yuzvyak (21 y.o.) was recently diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer. This type of sarcoma made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal (voluntary) muscles.
For the last weeks, she was not training and the fans started to be suspectful of this situation. Yesterday, she confirmed what was happening. Valeriya needs an urgent and expensive treatment in Germany.

“To be honest, I write and my hands are shaking … I was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. I know that there are many kind and sensitive people among you, so I want to ask you for financial help, as the amount is really very large. Thank you very much in advance. I love you all very much. Be healthy. “

Valeryia Yuzvyak


▶️ 5363542015389795 UAH

▶️ 5363542015389787 EUR

Valeriya Yuzvyak

Bank Name: Privatbank

Account Holder Name: Yuzyak Valeriya

IBAN: UA633052990000026202898581190


Adress: UKRAINE, Kyiv, 1D Hrushevskoho str.


Российская карта Тинькофф: 5536 9139 1788 2702, получатель Наталья А.


  • 2016 Olympics: reserve team.
  • At the 2020 European Championships in Kyiv: gold at Team Competition
  • 2020 European Championships, European Champion in 5 balls with Senior Group
  • 2020 European Championships: Bronze in the group exercise. all-around. As a result, the national team of Ukraine won a gold medal in the team championship.
  • Yuzviak also won two silver medals in the team competitions at the 2018 European Championships in Guadalajara and a bronze medal at the 2018 World Cup in Sofia.
Ukraine won gold at European Championships 2020

National Team of Russia 2021

The list of members of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team for 2021 is already published.

Senior Individual Team
  • Arina Averina
  • Dina Averina
  • Ekaterina Selezneva
  • Anastasiya Guzenkova
  • Lala Kramarenko
  • Mariya Pobedushkina
  • Dariia Trubnikova
  • Anastasiia Simakova
Arina Averina
Dina Averina
Ekaterina Selezneva
Daria Trubnikova
Anastasiia Guzenkova
Lala Kramarenko
Senior Individual Team: Reserve
  • Polina Orlova
  • Irina Annenkova
  • Anna Strashko
  • Dariia Pridannikova
  • Irina Annenkova
  • Maria Sergeeva
  • Dariia Sergeeva
  • Anna Sokolova
  • Kristyna Telyatnikova

Irina Annenkova
Mariia Sergeeva
Senior Group 
  • Anna Batasova
  • Anastasiia Maksimova
  • Evgeniya Levanova
  • Anastasiia Bliznyuk
  • Dana Semirenko
  • Aleksandra Semibratova
  • Alisa Tishchenko
  • Angelina Shkatova
  • Mariia Tolkacheva
  • Amina Haldarova
  • Anzhelika Stubaylo
  • Anastasiia Shishmakova
Anastasiia Bliznyuk
Junior Individual Team
  • Olga Karaseva
  • Sofiia Agafonova
  • Sofiia Nikeeva
  • Vladislava Nikolaenko
  • Diana Simoshina
  • Ekaterina Panteleeva
  • Anastasiia Sergeva
  • Aleksandra Skubova
  • Amina Spineva
  • Anastasiia Tatareva
  • Anna Popova
Diana Simoshina
Sofiia Agafonova
Junior Groups

  • Anna Grosh
  • Evgeniya Azeva
  • Dariia Kazakova
  • Olga Izotova
  • Sofiia Yakovleva
  • Vitaliya Yushkova
  • Alina Rusanova
  • Sofiia Sharypina
  • Elizaveta Tatareva
  • Kseniya Rodykina
  • Nonna Nyanina

Aleksandra Soldatova announces her retirement

Aleksandra Soldatova in 2017

Four-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Alexandra Soldatova announces retirement. She still wants to be linked to gymnastics, but not in a competitive way, because as she said, Rhythmic gymnastics is my life, my love, my passion. will never go anywhere from my life. She confirmed this information on December 24th.

The last time she gave an interview, to Russia Today she talked about her long-lasting battle with an eating disorder. She recognised that she needed help against anxiety, that was caused by a rigorous weight control. This issue has seriously damaged her mental and physical health.

“I officially announce the end of my sports career. It was a wonderful journey of 16 years. Now I remember only good things, because the other simply cannot be. I have nothing to regret and nothing to be sad about – I have achieved what I could not even dream of in childhood. “

Soldatova was one of the gymnasts most beloved by the audience. She has lots of fanclubs all around the world. “Thanks to my fans all over the world. You have always been my support and motivation. I performed for you! I ask you not to be sad, but to be happy for me and wish me luck in my new life stage!”.

She really appreciates her relationship with her former coach, Anna Dyachenko (Shumilova). The path was not easy. Soldatova injured her leg two years ago and missed the European Championships. The doctors confirmed that she had a fracture.

Anna Dyachenko and Aleksandra Soldatova

 “Special thanks to my personal coach, Anna Dyachenko”

Soldatova is a very taleted gymnasts and she realized about this since she started doing rhythmic gymnastics. Her inner flexibility and her charisma made her unique.

When I started doing gymnastics I didn’t know Kabaeva, Kanaeva… I just liked gymnastics and that’s why I focused on it. I even wasn’t interested in Olympic Games or World Championships.

Aleksandra Soldatova

Results and Irina Viner’s impressions of 3rd International Online Tournament 2020

Arina Averina (RUS)

The third international tournament ended with the triumph of Russian Team. It was a great option to all teams that do not want to risk the health of their children and their coaches, but still want to compete. Each new edition there are more and more participating countries, both in number and in composition. One of the strongest gymnast from Bulgaria, Katrin Taseva, took part in this tournament and took third place in the all-around competition. Ekaterina Selezneva is increasing her physical shape since she was ill and still recovering. Daria Trubnikova and Diana Simoshina are in the same situation, that’s why they didn’t compete in the 3rd International Online Tournament. On the other hand, Sofia Agafonova, was diagnosed with a stress fracture.

Daria Trubnikova (RUS)

Sofia could, of course, perform on painkillers, but we did not risk it, because the girl is still a junior.  Therefore, we decided not to risk her health. “

Irina Viner Usmanova said

Anastasiya Guzenkova tested positive in COVID and she spent 14 days in isolation. She was tested three times, hoping the first one was false positive. So it was with Simakova. But every time she had a positive result. Although outwardly she was absolutely healthy. Therefore, I just sat at home in quarantine, now everything is fine. 

Unfortunately, Covid indirectly greatly influenced, of course. We have never had so many injuries.

Explained by Irina Viner Usmanova
Anastasiya Guzenkova

What is your opinion about the Senior Russian Team?

This is an established team, they are a mountain for each other, they understand each other perfectly, they are very motivated, they are very good children. But, unfortunately, their program leaves much to be desired in terms of difficulty. However, they are ready. Some have been ill with covid, some were injured, because they still have an adult program. We made it easier precisely so that they could do it in the composition in which they are now. They performed pretty well. But yesterday, by the way, their coaches wrote to me that they would not be responsible for their performance. Because their training was not compatible, first of all, with injuries. I made a decision that they will still perform, because they have been preparing so much … Otherwise, it would not be right. And it could hit their nerves so that they would take a very long time to recover. We talked and decided that they would perform. 

What is your opinion about the Italian and Bulgarian Team?

Italians, like us and refused to participate in the European Championship. The Bulgarians did not go with the group exercise either. A girl in Bulgaria immediately after Kiev fell ill, the judges fell ill, other children in different countries fell ill. I refused in July, I understood everything.  They gathered everyone and even asked if they could take gymnasts from one team and move them to another team. Everything is possibe!

Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)

An International Tournament, “Moscow Cup” will be held on December 17th. Some gymnasts will perform once again except for Arina and Dina. And the group will also perform. In February, if everything goes well, the Grand Prix of Moscow will be online.

Full Results of 3rd International Online Tournament

Irina Viner, winner of the prize “Coach of the Year”

Irina Viner-Usmanova, president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, received the Prize of Russia prize in the “Coach of the Year” in Russia at a ceremony held by the Russian Ministry of Sports. The National Sports Award was founded by the government of the Russian Federation in 2010.

The winners are awarded with this title of laureate win a prize of 1 million rubles. Eleven people were nominated for this award. Team Russia did participate in the 2020 European Championships. European Championships of Kiev was not a part of the Olympic Qualification Proccess. Russia was already qualified.

Lala Kramarenko

Source: TASS Agency

Information about 3rd Online International Tournament Moscow 2020

The 3rd INTERNATIONAL ONLINE RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS TOURNAMENT is a competition through livestream that will be for senior and junior individuals and both senior and junior groups.
The countries that will take part in this competition are SUI, UZB, RUS, ITA BUL, SRB, FRA, LAT and FIN.

Some of the most popular gymnasts of the world are confirmed for this tournament such as Dina Averina, Arina Averina, Ekaterina Selezneva, Katrin Taseva, Milena Baldassarri and Alexandra Agiurgiuculese among others. Boryana Kaleyn finally withdrawn from the competition because of temperature.

Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)

Schedule (Moscow Timing)


Irina Annenkova (RUS)
Katrin Taseva (BUL)


The fifth exercise with hoop is:

Silviya Miteva 2011 BUL 10 votes 4.83%

Anna Rizatdinova’s hoop is the 4th most voted

Anna Rizatdinova 2013 UKR 11 votes 5.31%

The third exercise, with 12 votes:

Yana Kudryavtseva 2016 RUS, 12 votes 5.80%

The second exercise with the most of the votes:

Margarita Mamun 2015 RUS, 15 votes 7.25%

And the most voted is…:

Boryana Kaleyn 2019 BUL with 102 votes (49.28)

Gymnast’s sensations after European Championships

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

“This is my second big competition for 2020. We officially close the season. It was a very strange and different year. Although we did not have normal training and we constantly had to interrupt, we left for this race with a great desire to compete and show that we can and will fight for medals. I want to thank all the people who were by my side and helped me get through this difficult time. I know that this was definitely not my maximum and I am ready to work 24/7 to achieve together the result that so many people work and dream about!

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

Yeva Meleschuk (UKR)

I always do everything that is important for me with love❤️ and these wonderful emotions of happiness and pride to represent Ukraine at our European Championship in Kiev will remain in my memory forever✨ No matter how difficult the training path was, I knew that I was where I should be and where you wait me, love and support me! Let the Championship be without public, but thanks to the incredible work of everyone in organizing these competitions, that each of you could live this celebration of sport with us! And I want to say thank you to all our coaches, doctors, photographers, fans, because we are one team, we are Team Ukraine and we are making history together”

Yeva Meleshchuk (UKR)

Ireesha Blohina (UKR)

“This is a historic medal for out team”


Team Ukraine

Alina Harnasko (BLR)

“I am very happy! I can’t believe this is real!”

Alina Harnasko (BLR)

Anastasiia Salos (BLR)

“Thank you all so much for your support and faith in me!”

Anastasiia Salos (BLR)

Karina Sydorak (UKR)

“This is the end of my first European Championships.These were unforgettable impressions and emotions. We have been waiting for this event for a long time. Thank you to all organizers and sponsors who never let me give up, always help me in difficult moments, rejoice for me and love me. And finally, thank you to everyone who cared and believed for me. The main thing is to believe and work hard, then dreams come true!”

Karina Sydorak (UKR)

Daria Atamanov (ISR)

“My first European Championship is done! I want to say a huge thank you to my amazing coaches who were by my side all the way and helped me achieve these results. This is my first time in a competition of this magnitude.”

Daria Atamanov (ISR)

Linoy Ashram (ISR)

“After a whole year of uncertainty about what is going to happen whether there will be an Olympics or not, whether there will be a European Championship or not, I am so happy that I have finally returned to a place I missed so much and have been waiting for so long and it is the competition surface. I did not go through this difficult and challenging period alone I received tremendous support from so many people who made sure I could continue to keep myself and fit.”

Linoy Ashram (ISR)

Melaniia Tur (UKR)

“I am overwhelmed with emotions … It was the most exciting, unforgettable and generally the coolest competition of the year! I can’t imagine myself with this medal (gold). Irina Ivanovna Deriugina, you are really the kind of person who knows how to support, praise, and put you on your feet. Your faith in me makes you move on and not relax! And I want to say so that everyone hears that despite all the difficulties and obstacles, I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP! So, with renewed vigor and spirit – let’s continue working!”

Melaniia Tur (UKR)

Polina Karika (UKR)

“I still can’t believe it … I am grateful to everyone who supported, helped, supported me and believed in me. Thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me to the last. I also want to say a huge thank you to all the coaching staff and my first coaches. And of course I want to thank my relatives who supported me in difficult times. It was a dream and it came true.”

Polina Karika (UKR)

Yelizaveta Zorkina (BLR)

“I want to say thank you very much for the preparation, for the moral support, for the patience and faith in me.”

Yelizaveta Zorkina (BLR)

Alona Hillel (ISR)

“Thank you so much to everyone my amazing coaches and the whole team. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life and I am so happy that I got to this European Championship. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!”

Alona Hillel (ISR)

Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 2020 Day 4 Photos II

Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)
Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)
Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)
Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)
Yeva Meleschuk (UKR)
Yeva Meleschuk (UKR)