Anna Rizatdinova comments about Linoy Ashram’s Olympic Victory

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Anna Rizatdinova was the bronze medallist in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Anna commented in a recent interview her point of view on the winner at the 2020 Olympics, Linoy Ashram fron Israel. “I was third, but Yana Kudryatseva made a mistake with clubs”.

Linoy Ashram (ISR)

“I agree that Yana had more difficult in her routines, but everyone had 10 points – the initial amount. I could only scored these 10 points with turns. Kudryavtseva did incredible things with the ball. Her ball control is unique. I admit that when it’s great, then it’s great. But she made a mistake and, nevertheless, she was in second place. If I made a mistake – God forbid, dropped a ribbon, a ball – there would be no talk of any bronze – it would be 6-7th place at best”

Rizatdinova gave an interview to the Ostrov YouTube channel.

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Yana Kudryavtseva, also commented about this interview:

“I always respect all the gymnast and I have never said anything negative about them. But this time, I did not understand these words towards me. Anna Rizatdinova thinks that I didn’t deserve a second place in Rio Olympics 2016 due to my mistake in clubs. Well, the real price for me were my fans, audience. I am very proud of my position in Rio. My advice: accept your defeats.”

Yana Kudryavsteva (RUS)

Interview to Yana Kudryavtseva: Izmir 2014


Since 2013, when she became a national team gymnast, Yana Kudryavtseva won almost everything: European Champion All Around in Baku 2014, World Champion, European team Champion and a bunch of tournaments and Grand Prix Series.

“I wouldn’t actually say that my main goal is to win: I just want to perform a good competition and listen to the advices of my coach. I need to work hard and train smart: there’s no other secret to become the winner. When I am not leading the competition, it makes me work harder”


“I find competitions easier than training. Even if the competition is not going very well for me, nature helps me do my best. When I am not leading the competition for the first moment it is even easier for me, because it makes me work harder”

“I find competitions easier than training”

“I remember that long time ago I was training and spinning the ball on a finger. My coach, Elena Karpushenko found it interesting and said I should work on this movement, because it could become my signature element”

Yana’s “spinning ball element” became really famous. Viktoriya, Yana’s mother also talked about her daughter:

“She is very kind and stubborn at the same time which I think is great for sports. She has also a competitive nature. I could say she is an angel with iron wings”

CNN Interview – Yana Kudryavtseva


Yana Kudryavtseva – Euskalgym 2013

“My name is Yana Kudryavtseva. I am 16 – the youngest ever World Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics. I was born in Moscow, in Russia. I got into Rhythmic gymnastics when I was 4 years old. My father – he was an Olympic Champion in swimming. He knew my coach and she suggested I look into gymnastics.

“I am the youngest ever World Champion in R.G.”

At first he was reluctant as he knew how hard it would be, but eventually he let me do the training to improve my flexibility, body posture and body shape.

As it turn out, Rhythmic Gymnastics is become my entire life.

I perform with ball, ribbon, clubs and hoop. Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful, femenine sport . Each apparatus is difficult to master , so you have to train hard no matter how tired you are. Until I have perfected everything my coach tells me to do I am not allowed to leave the gym.

“Each apparatus is difficult to master, you have to train hard no matter how tired you are”

I train 5 to 6 hours a day. One of my nicknames is “Crystal Statuette” im most famous for spinning the ball on my finger.

When you are on the victory podium you are a queen, but when you come down from it you are nobody, you cannot be proud of yourself.

But when I perform I feel something very special, something the audience can never feel, im uplifted.”

Versión en español

“Mi nombre es Yana Kudryavtseva. Tengo 16 años, y soy la campeona más jóven del mundo de gimnasia rítmica. Nací en Moscú, Rusia. Comencé a practicar Gimnasia Ritmica cuando tenía cuatro años de edad. Mi padre fue un campeón olímpico de natación. Él conocía a mi entrenadora y ella le sugirió que empezara a practicar gimnasia.

“Comencé a practicar gimnasia a los 4 años”

Al principio él estaba reacio ya que sabía lo duro que podría ser este deporte. Pero de vez en cuando, él me dejaba entrenar para mejorar mi flexibilidad y las posturas que puede adaptar el cuerpo.

“Mi elemento más famoso es hacer girar la pelota sobre un dedo”

Compito con pelota, cinta, mazas y aro. La Gimnasia Ritmica es un deporte muy bonito y femenino. Es muy difícil de llegar a manejar con maestría cada aparato, por ello hay que entrenar muy duro, no importa lo cansada que llegues a estar. Hasta que no haya completado y perfeccionado todo lo que diga mi entrenadora, no me es permitido abandonar el gimnasio. Entreno de cinco a seis horas al día. Uno de mis apodos es “la estatua de cristal”. Mi elemento más famoso es hacer girar la pelota sobre un dedo.

Cuando estás en el pódium te sientes una reina, pero cuando no lo consigues y bajas de la posición de pódium, no te sientes nada, no puedes estar orgullosa de ti misma.

Pero cuando actúo y compito siento algo muy especial, algo que el público nunca podría sentir, me siento muy satisfecha”