Daria Trubnikova announced her retirement

Daria Trubnikova at Marbella Grand Prix

A few days ago, Russian Youth Olympic Games champion, Daria Trubnikova, announced that she will stop doing rhythmic gymnastics, by her own initiative. The gymnast recently said to Russian press that she thought about this decision “more than a million times”. Many people close to her were not conviced about this, since Daria was looking forward the next competition, Crystal Rose at Spartakiad.

“At that time I didn’t have time to prepare at Crystal Rose and I wasn’t at Spartakiad. We decided to end my sports career for Spartakiad. Basically it was just my decision. And contrary to popular belief, as many people think and say in our sport – it was my own decision”

Trubnikova was twice medallist at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires and is also a two-time European champion among juniors. She also was national Champion in 2020 with ball.

“Definitely, The Youth Olympic Games in 2018. This year was really difficult for me. The beggining of the season was not very good. And also, 2019, when I become a Senior Gymnast”

By the moment, Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials are banned indefinitely from competitions by International Gymnastics Federation due to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Anastasiya Voznyak (Ukrainian Senior Group) is back

Anastasiya Voznyak announced retirement last year after Olympic Games in Tokyo, her second participation as an Olympian.

Ukrainian Senior Group in 2015 and their iconic performance “Vogue”

Five days ago, she confirmed that she is back to gymnastics because she truly loves gymnastics.

“I enjoy every single moment of the training proccess. It is such an honour to be back and compite. I will represent my country at World Championships in Sofia. Nowadays many gymnast should retire very early, but I still feel strong, powerfull and with a lot of energy. I have a great desire to perform and compete for my country, especially now.”

Anastasiya worked also as a coach in Deriugina School. Ukraine is still on war against Russia, but the team is still training. A lot of young people in Ukraine is serving the military service and trying to protect the country.

Anastasiya Voznyak (UKR), in the middle

“My advice for the new generation of gymnast is to enjoy every moment in sports, take care, be healthy and believe in you”

World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 will take part in Sofia, Bulgaria from the 14th to 18th of September.

International Gymnastics Federation Measures to protect athletes hit by the war

Today, the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) expressed its measures concerning the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in the last days. Their motto is to protect the athletes from political pressure, since FIG is a sporting Committee. President Watannabe is offering help to the Gymnastics Community in Ukraine. The measures that FIG determined are:

Team Ukraine

  • The Russian and Belarussian national flags must not be displayed, and the Russian and Belarussian anthems must not be played at any FIG-sanctioned events until further notice.
  • All FIG World Cup and World Challenge Cup events planned to take place in Russia and Belarus are cancelled, and no other FIG events will be allocated to Russia or Belarus until further notice.
  • All FIG-sanctioned events planned to take place in Russia and Belarus are removed from the FIG calendar and will no longer be recognised by the FIG. No other events taking place in Russia and Belarus will be sanctioned by the FIG until further notice.

Source: FIG press release

Anna Rizatdinova comments about Linoy Ashram’s Olympic Victory

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Anna Rizatdinova was the bronze medallist in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Anna commented in a recent interview her point of view on the winner at the 2020 Olympics, Linoy Ashram fron Israel. “I was third, but Yana Kudryatseva made a mistake with clubs”.

Linoy Ashram (ISR)

“I agree that Yana had more difficult in her routines, but everyone had 10 points – the initial amount. I could only scored these 10 points with turns. Kudryavtseva did incredible things with the ball. Her ball control is unique. I admit that when it’s great, then it’s great. But she made a mistake and, nevertheless, she was in second place. If I made a mistake – God forbid, dropped a ribbon, a ball – there would be no talk of any bronze – it would be 6-7th place at best”

Rizatdinova gave an interview to the Ostrov YouTube channel.

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Yana Kudryavtseva, also commented about this interview:

“I always respect all the gymnast and I have never said anything negative about them. But this time, I did not understand these words towards me. Anna Rizatdinova thinks that I didn’t deserve a second place in Rio Olympics 2016 due to my mistake in clubs. Well, the real price for me were my fans, audience. I am very proud of my position in Rio. My advice: accept your defeats.”

Yana Kudryavsteva (RUS)

Irina Viner on Averinas sports career

Irina Viner Usmanova

Irina Viner revealed why Arina and Dina Averina are still training even they wanted to finish their career after Tokyo 2020.

“After Olympic Games, Arina called me. She told me she wanted to finish her sports career. The intention of the twins was to graduate in Economics and attend to University. I said -okay-. Hold on for a minute, chicken. Wet chicken. What did the Nation for you and your sister? Why did the people take you to the Red Square in your honour? The first prime Minister, said that your sister Dina deserved the gold medal. Now the President is going to give you an award. Are you crazy? How dare you! Will you let the people down? After all these, how can you say that to me?

Arina Averina (RUS)

“Quickly go to gym!” – said Irina Viner. ”Were you trying to test me? How much do you want me to suffer for you? You though that I would say to you that I have younger gymnast that can replace you. But you are not right”

Irina Viner made them back to the gym. Now Dina and Arina are training for the next season on their brand new routines.

Dina Averina (RUS)

Grand Prix Thiais 2022 is cancelled

Anastasiia Guzenkova (RUS) at GP Thiais

Grand Prix Thiais is already a historic tournament in gymnastics tradition for more than twenty years.

This Grand Prix series competition is held in Thiais, close to Paris (France).

Last year, the situation of the Coronavirus virus – COVID 19 in France leaded the Organizing Committee to cancel the 34th edition of the Internationaux de Thiais in view of the risks that this could cause the foreign delegations taking part and the public many who attend the event.

This year, the organizing Committe and GP director, Jose de Freitas, decided to cancel 2022 edition because of the health risks:

Until the last few days, the Organizing Committee of the Internationaux de Thiais (COMSE) has worked to ensure that the 34th edition of the Internationaux de Thiais, postponed for two years, is held at the end of March.

Until the end, we hoped that the health situation, which had begun to improve in recent months, would stabilize or even progress favorably.

Unfortunately, the indicators we have are not the most optimistic.

Inescapable constraints weigh on the organization of our tournament due to the circulation of the virus. We cannot reasonably commit ourselves to ensuring that the Grand Prix takes place as the uncertainties are numerous and the necessary adaptations strong.

Dina Averina (RUS)

Unanimously of its members, the Organizing Committee has therefore decided to postpone the organization of the Thiais Grand Prix to 2023.

Aware of the disappointment that our decision may cause for the loyal public and all foreign delegations, we could not decently do otherwise.

This decision, which is difficult to make, is in our opinion the most reasonable possible so that we can come-back soon, faster and stronger.

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

We hope that next year, this pandemic will be no more than a bad and distant memory and that you will once again place your trust in us by coming to attend this magnificent high-level competition.

Dina and Arina Averina will continue their sports career

Arina Averina (RUS)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympians, Dina and Arina Averina are ready to start the new season.

It is confirmed that the twins are training looking forward the new season. They are ready to compete under the new code of points, which it is suitable for them. This statement depends on their health, since it is already known that Dina suffers from back problems:

“In 2020 I had a serious spine injury. I talked to my doctors and they said to continue for a few months. Anyway the solution was about surgery and I flatly said no. I didn’t want to miss the Olympic Games. This injury is very painful, even when I walk. When I start to warm up I feel pins and needles”. – Dina said

Dina Averina

After Olympic Games in Tokyo, they said they would have retired 100% if they had won Olympic Medals.

“Our country is waiting for our revenge. They claim us to continue training and fight for medals in Paris 2024. Russia needs to know their heroes because we are defending the honour of the Nation.”

Arina Averina (RUS)

FIG Athlete’s representative

Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)

The FIG recently confirmed the list of candidatures for the athletes’ representative. The elections, will be held during World Championships in Japan for the next week.

The athletes’ representatives are elected by their fellow gymnasts. The voting system is stated in the FIG Statues, which is the same one as for the election of the President. The name of the elected gymnast will be announced at the athletes’s meeting during World Championships. They will be the representatives from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025.

The gymnasts looking forward this election are:

  • Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)
  • Nicole Ruprecht (AUT)
  • Siyana Vasilieva (AZE)
  • Salome Pazhava (GEO)
  • Neviana Vladinova (BUL)
  • Jessica Maier (BRA)
Neviana Vladinova (BUL)

Neviana Vladinova is a former Bulgarian Champion, qualified 7th in Olympic Games Rio 2016 and bronze medallist at World Championships. Neviana retired from competition in November 2020 due to a neck injury. She is now a vice president of the Bulgarian gymnastics Federation. She appeared in international junior competitions in 2006 and began competing as a senior in 2011 season.

“Your problems will be my problems aswell. I will be your voice”

Neviana Vladinova
Salome Pazhava (GEO)

Salome Pazhava made history in Georgia, becoming the second most successful gymnast in her country. She finished 4th in World Championships 2015 in Stuttgart. She qualified for Olympic Games in Tokyo. She already finished this year her sports career. Salome is currently the Vice-President of the Georgian National Gymnastic Federation in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

I will protect your rights. I will do my best to create equality.

Salome Pazhava
Nicol Ruprecht

Nicol Ruprecht is Austria’s most successful gymnast. She has competed in numerous World Cup and Grand Prix series. This year, after European Championships in Varna, where she became 29th . She announced her retirement in June 2021.

It is very important for me to be for all of you and speak for all of you

Nicol Ruprecht
Jessica Maier (BRA)

Jessica Maier is a Brazilian former group gymnasts. She represented her nation at international competitions and was one of the top successful gymnasts at Pan American Games 2015, 2018 and South American Games in 2011 and 2018.

If I could define in one word why you should elect me, the word would be “connection”

Jessica Maier (BRA)
Siyana Vasilieva

Siyana Vasileva is a former gymnast from Bulgaria that competed for Azerbaijan. Currently she is the coach of the National Senior Group of Azerbaijan. She was medallist at multiple World Cup Series. She was the captain of AZE group since 2011. She is in the 4th year of her Bachellor’s degree of Psychology

I know how to help gymnasts to achieve their goals

Siyana Vasileva
Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)

Valeriya Yuzvyak is a former group gymnast from Ukraine, who was recently diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer. This type of sarcoma made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal (voluntary) muscles. She received a succesfull treatment in Germany and now she wants to become an Athelets’ representative. She is European and World Medallist.

With me, the voice of the gymnasts could be heard loud and clear

Valeryia Yuzvyak (UKR)

Grand Prix Marbella 2021 already confirms participants

Marbella is one of the stages for Grand Prix Series that include other cities as Kiev, Holon, Tartu, Brno, Thiais and Moscow. Last year this Grand Prix was cancelled due to COVID-19 health problem.

This week Andalusian Gymnastics Federation already confirmed that Grand Prix Marbella 2021 will take part in San Pedro de Alcantara on the 17th and 18th of October.

Viktoriia Onoprienko (UKR) Grand Prix Marbella 2019

This could be one of the biggest competitions of 2021 in Spain. The tournament consists in 2-competitions-in-one: Grand Prix Senior and International Junior competition, which is called “Andalucia Cup”

Russian delegation already confirmed their participants: Lala Kramarenko, Anastasia Simakova and Ekaterina Selezneva The next confirmation will be from Belarus, who already won the 3rd position in Olympic Games with Alina Harnasko. Anastasia Salos and Arena Krasnorutskaya is the gymnast that will represent BLR in this tournament.

Lala Kramarenko (RUS), winner of Andalucia Cup 2019
Dina Averina (RUS) Grand Prix Marbella 2019
Anastasiia Salos Grand Prix Marbella 2019

Tickets will be available soon. All official statements will be provided by Andalucian Gymnastics Federation. Marbella celebrates its 6th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix.

Some Rhythmic Gymnastics Stars in Marbella Grand Prix last editions:

Alina Harnasko (BLR)
Anastasiia Guzenkova (RUS)
Polina Berezina (ESP)
Arina Averina (RUS)
Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)
Vlada Nikolchenko
Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)
Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)
Neviana Vladinova (BUL)