Almudena Cid Euskalgym Gala 2017

And then, Almudena’s Gala started, claimed by the crowd. It was announced that she would surprise the audience once again. So she did. She is one of the most beloved former gymnast of RG in Spain and in the whole world. Even current gymnasts admire and respect Almudena as a shining RG star she was. Olympians Anna Rizatdinova and Anna Bessonova from Ukraine adore her. At the end of the gala, Aleksandra Soldatova hugged her as a fan could did. Everybody loves her, who else could not?

Almudena’s gala was focused on Rhythmic Gymnastics history through the time:

“Rhythmic Gymnastics has changed through the years: now our costumes are gold, silver (they were not allowed in 90’s) with feathers and Swarovski stones on them. We wear pieces of art.” And then, Nessun Dorma was played on a piano live. This was the last song that Almudena performed with ribbon in 2008 at Beijing Olympic Games.

After this emotional moment, Almudena talked about the different RG schools of all around the world:

  • RUSSIA: Represented by Aleksandra Soldatova
  • MEN’ RG: Represented by Eneko Lambea
  • SPAIN: Represented by Polina Berezina
  • BULGARIA: Represented by Neviana Vladinova
  • BELARUS: Represented by Melitina Staniouta
  • UKRAINE: Represented by Viktoriya Mazur and Anna Bessonova, who ended the gala with Almudena
  • GEORGIA: Represented by Salome PazhavaALMUDENA CID (2)


Gymnast of the week: Katrin Taseva

Katrin Taseva was born in Samokov, Bulgaria in 1997 and right now is one of the top rhythmic gymnasts of the whole world. She recently finished second in Bulgarian National Championships just behind olympic gymnast Neviana Vladinova. Since 2010 she is representing Bulgaria.

Her aim is to become Olympian. She even has a tattoo on her arm with the Olympic Rings. Her best result this year was last week in World Cup Pesaro, ranked 5th in All-Around.


katrin taseva.jpg



taseva katrin.jpg



katrin taseva 2.jpg

k taseva.jpg

katrin  taseva.jpg




Help Tatiana Ogrizko! Please share!


Tatiana Ogrizko


Tatiana Ogrizko is a former Belarusian gymnast, World Champion in Alicante 1993 with ribbon. She also ranked 8th at Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, becoming a Rhythmic Star.

Nowadays, Tatiana needs our help. Ogrizko, is fighting against cancer for 6 years and she needs to underwent surgery in Israel. As soon as it is possible, friends and people all around the world, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Community and fans, can donate whatever you/they feel comfortable with for supporting this athelete.


Where we can help her?

Just click on this link:



Gymnast of the week: Viktoriya Mazur UKR


Viktoria Mazur was born in Lugansk, Ukraine 21 years ago and right now, she is representing this country since 2008, as a junior gymnast.

Her most important competition as a junior gymnast she was a member of the bronze medal-winning Team Ukraine. In 2013, Vika competed with the group at World Championships in Kiev. Unfortunatly, they could not qualified for finals because of a fatal drop during qualifications.

Her best ranking places were (*source: Wikipedia):

2011 Montpellier Team
Bronze medal – third place 2013 Kiev 10 Clubs
Bronze medal – third place 2014 Izmir Team
Bronze medal – third place 2015 Stuttgart Team


Carolina rodriguez euskalgym


Due to the qualification system, Viktoriya could not reach a place for Olympic Games in Rio since she did not qualified in Stuttgart World Championships last year. Many fans love Vika all around the world and they even travel to most important competitions to support her.




Aleksandra Soldatova: World Cup Guadalajara 2016


Aleksandra “Sasha” Soldatova was born in Pushkino, Russia, eighteen years ago. Sasha brought into international competitions since 2011. Her career is excellent: European Champion (Team) in 2012, Junior Russian Champion, European and World Champion with team.


In her early career, she moved close to Moscow and started training with Anna Shumilova (Dyachenko) in Dynamo Dmitrov. Over the last years, many Rhythmic Gymnastics Stars trained here such as Olympic Champion Alina Makarenko, World Champion Darya Kondakova or Master in Sports Adel Galina, Veronika Polyakova and Ekaterina Malygina.

These pictures were taken during World Cup Series in Guadalajara, Spain in June 2016. Spanish audience was crazy about Sasha and she was really glad to be in Spain.








Photographer Copyright Twitter @dani_foto



Ekaterina Selezneva for Vogue Russia


Ekaterina Selezneva: “Turning moment”

Ekaterina Selezneva was born 21 years ago in Russia. She is international Master of Sports and a member of National Russian Team.

“I have been doing gymnastics since I was 5 years old. My mum is an honored rhythmic gymnastics coach, but she wasn’t too much about of me becoming a professional gymnast. I don’t remember my first training. But I was surrounded by girls that were older than me. I was even scared of them!”


Darya Klesheva and Ekaterina Selezneva


“Right now I am on my third year of University and soon I will graduate in Physical Education. It is really difficult to study and be a sportswoman at the same time. For example this year, Russian National Championships was one of the most difficult competitions of my life. We have a really tough gymnastics school, one of the best of the whole world. The level in this championship is quite high. Fortunatly I performed clean routines that’s why I could join National Team”



Source: VOGUE RUSSIA – Photos All Rights Reserved


Gymnast of the week: Varvara Filiou

Varvara filiou

Varvara Filiou was born in December 29, 1994 in Attiki, Greece. She is a 8 time (2008-2016) Greek National Champion. She is one of Greece’s most successful rhythmic gymnasts and she also got a direct qualification for Olympic Games in Rio at last World Championships in Stuttgart. Varvara’s mother, Eleonora Marinova is a former Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnast. Since a few years, Filiou is living in Moscow and training with Russian National Team in Novogorsk. Her coach is Russian aswell. Her former coaches were Evmorphina Dona (Greek champion) and Aliya Garayeva (Olympian from Russia/Azerbaijan).

These following pictures were taken in a photoshoot with Varvara and her family during World Championships in Stuttgart. Her parents were searching for Greek people living in Stuttgart, Germany to support her daughter during World Championships. And sure, they found a few people: Greek restaurant owners, who organized a private Greek (music, food and drink)party after Varvara got her qualification for Rio. All these pictures belong to website.




Interview to Melitina Staniouta for “SportTime”

Belarusian champion, Melitina Staniouta and her teammate Ekaterina (Katsiaryna) Halkina gave an interview for sportsmagazine “SportTime”. Both will compete this summer in Olympic Games in Rio.

I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans

“The more days left to Olympics, the more I think about it. Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence. It is worth it: nerves and tears. In the Village, you could meet people from many different countries: Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, France… But for the moment, Russia is the leader”

Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence

“Now I am 22 years old. I am trying to have different routines. In adition, I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans.”


Source: “SportTime Magazine”  Photo Copyright: Melitina Staniouta for SportTime Magazine