Anastasiya Voznyak (Ukrainian Senior Group) is back

Anastasiya Voznyak announced retirement last year after Olympic Games in Tokyo, her second participation as an Olympian.

Ukrainian Senior Group in 2015 and their iconic performance “Vogue”

Five days ago, she confirmed that she is back to gymnastics because she truly loves gymnastics.

“I enjoy every single moment of the training proccess. It is such an honour to be back and compite. I will represent my country at World Championships in Sofia. Nowadays many gymnast should retire very early, but I still feel strong, powerfull and with a lot of energy. I have a great desire to perform and compete for my country, especially now.”

Anastasiya worked also as a coach in Deriugina School. Ukraine is still on war against Russia, but the team is still training. A lot of young people in Ukraine is serving the military service and trying to protect the country.

Anastasiya Voznyak (UKR), in the middle

“My advice for the new generation of gymnast is to enjoy every moment in sports, take care, be healthy and believe in you”

World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 will take part in Sofia, Bulgaria from the 14th to 18th of September.

Interview to Viktoriia Onopriienko


Viktoriia Onopriienko4

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

Viktoriia Onopriienko is the current Ukrainian Champion and vice-champion of the European Championship. Last week, she answered many questions and also thanked everyone in a Livestream conversation on Instagram with her fans.

How did you get into the national team?

I joined the National Team after National Championships of Ukraine, in Sumy in 2016. We did a group exercise and 4 individual exercises. After this, they called my coach and said that Irina Ivanovna Deryugina wanted to see me. The next day we arrived at the October Palace. Anna Rizatdinova, Victoria Mazur (the leaders of the current past National Team) were there. My heart just jumped out of my chest. Irina Ivanovna asked me to warm up and show off my exercises. She wanted me to be in the National Team.

Which is your favorite exercise from 2017 to 2020?

I really liked the exercise with the ball “Fever”. This year I like all my exercises, but I would highlight last year’s exercises with a ribbon and clubs.

– How long does your training last?

The first training session starts at 9-10 am and we work out for an hour or two. Then we have a break. The second workout depends on how we are released, usually until 7-8 pm. In general, we train 8-10 hours a day. Sometimes we also have one training session on Saturday.

How hard was for you to get back in shape after quarantine?

It was quite hard, especially to prepare yourself for the Ukrainian Championship. During the quarantine we also had to work out.

Which are your favorite gymnastics element?

I have no favorite elements, but my top elements, as they say, are ring balance and back balance.

Do you prefer unitards or leotards?

I have both, even leotards with or without a skirt.

Have you ever thinked about stop doing gymnastics?

Yes, in the past when the workload increased in training, and I began to take part in competitions more often. At the same time I also went to school and I was very tired. My parents help me a lot, they know how to motivate and support me.

Who is the strictest coach in the national team?

All our coaches are strict in their own way.  We have good behaviour to all the coaches and we have mutual understanding.

What do you do in your free time?

My favorite hobby is cooking.


If you could remove or add some rules in rhythmic gymnastics, what would it be?

I would like to add more elegant movements. According to the rules, there is a lot of work with the apparatus and, I would like to relieve this a little bit, so that the emphasis of the exercise focuses in the artistry.

Which are your plans for the future?

So far, the future for me is the Olympic Games. I really want to represent the Ukrainian National Team at the Olympics and raise up the flag of our country.

Do you speak Ukrainian? Which language do you use more: Russian or Ukrainian?

My whole family speaks Ukrainian. At home with my parents I speak Ukrainian, but in trainings I prefer to speak in Russian.

In which country did you like to perform the most?

Spain. Spanish fans adore this sport,  especially gymnasts from Ukraine. They really like our school, our performances and exercises.


Viktoriia Onopriienko at Grand Prix Marbella

Team Ukraine before European Games



Viktoriya Mazur UKR

Team Ukraine is really looking forward the first European Games thar are going to be held in Baku this month.

“We would like to compete well and make our flag raise. We are working very hard for it. Coaches are trying also to correct all of our mistakes”

Our motto is “the main thing is to always believe”

Last weekend, the whole team had a control training looking forward European Games. The gymnasts that will represent Ukraine in European Games are:

– Anna RIZATDINOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Eleonora ROMANOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Yevgeniya GOMON – group Senior Gymnast

– Alena DMITRASH – group Senior Gymnast

– Viktoriya MAZUR – group Senior Gymnast

– Aleksandra GRIDASOVA – group Senior Gymnast

– Valeriya GUDYM – group Senior Gymnast

– Anastasiya VOZNYAK – group Senior Gymnast



Yevgeniya Gomon UKR

“We would like to say thank you to all fans that support us, without them we would not be able to do all these. We would want the whole Ukraine to join us on the way to the First European Games .”



Eleonora Romanova UKR


Anna Rizatdinova UKR

Source: Ukranian Gymnastics Federation

Team Ukraine will compete for free in European Championships

Minister of Sports of Ukraine, Dmitriy Bulatov confirmed that Team Ukraine will compete in European Championships with almost free fees,  due to the current financial situation in this country.

Ukraine has not confirmed yet its participation in World Championships, that will be held in Izmir, Turkey.


Viktoriya Mazur (UKR)

“We are all devasted. It is so sad to live what is happening in our country right now” – said Ireesha Blohina, Ukrainian National team coach.

“What is clear is that I won’t change my citizenship. I am Ukrainian and I will compete for Ukraine” – said current World Hoop Champion, Anna Rizatdinova.


Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Anastasiya Mulmina

Group UKR with their coach, Irina Deriugina

Valeriya Khanina, junior (UKR) and former RG star Alina Maksymenko (UKR)