Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp with Belarusian Stars



Minsk (Belarus) will held an International Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp for the first time. It is a great chance for training with Olympians, World and European Champions from Belarus. Former gymnast, Aleksandra Narkevich (World and European Medalist, Silver Olympic Medalist in London 2012) is the main organizer of this event.

Gymnasts could register in two different stages: from 5th to 9th of June or from 13th to 17th of June.


Gymnasts could have the opportunity to meet and learn from Rhythmic Gymnastics stars from Belarus (Olympians), Aleksandra Narkevich and Kseniia Sankovich and Yuliya Bichun.

Participants can take part from 2011 of birth. You can send your questions by e-mail: rg.minskcamp@mail.ru


Phone Contact: 80296802510 – 80297777346 


World Cup Sofia All-Around Results


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)

Russian individual team is again on top with the brilliant success of Aleksandra Soldatova, who won gold and Ekaterina Selezneva (silver).    Aleksandra skipped Grand Prix Thiais due to technical decisions, last week in France. She changed her hoop routine by third time this season choosing a Spanish music maybe looking forward European Championships. She also got the best score of this competition, by the moment.

Neviana Vladinova from Bulgaria is still recovering from an injury which prevents her to compete. Katrin Taseva and Boryana Kaleyn are representing the host country in this competition. They qualified for finals but could not get any medals in All-Around competition.


Katrin Taseva (BUL)

Bulgarian senior group definitly got the best scores in both exercises and qualified first with a total of 41.250, almost 3 points ahead Japan and Italy.

Source: Ginnasticaritmica.eu A35DB3D7-5BDB-4A9B-849C-6AB1A4F8A133.jpeg


Information about Grand Prix Thiais 2018



The 3rd stage of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Series takes place in Thiais France on 23rd and 24th of March. This GP is already a legend in gymnastics tradition since it reaches its 32nd  edition.

Grand Prix Thiais is a legendary Grand Prix series competition held in Thiais, close to Paris (France).

Grand Prix Seniors

The gymnasts invited to participate in the qualifications will perform routines according to the following program:

> Hoop
> Ball
> Clubs
> Ribbon

Only the first 8 gymnasts (of each apparatus) will participate in the finals on Sunday afternoon.


The invited groups in 2018 will perform – in accordance with the FIG rules – two differrent routines:

5 hoops

3 balls – 2 ropes

Already 18 countries from all around the world are confirmed.

Grand Prix Series 2018:

  • Grand Prix Moscow (Russia)
  • Grand Prix Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Grand Prix Thiais (France)
  • Grand Prix Marbella (Spain) *change of dates to October
  • Grand Prix Holon (Israel)
  • Grand Prix Brno (Czech Republic)
  • Grand Prix Eilat (Israel)

Grand Prix Thiais is a legendary Grand Prix series competition held in Thiais, close to Paris (France)



Ukraine National Team 2018



Olena Dyachenko (UKR)


According to Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, the members of National team are:

Senior Gymnasts (Born in 2002 or before):

  • Olena Dyachenko
  • Katerina Lutsenko
  • Vlada Nikolchenko
  • Yeva Meleshchuk
  • Viktoriya Fotiyeva
  • Alina Sidak
  • Janika Vartlaan
  • Mariola Bodnarchuk
  • Anastasiya Voznyak
  • Valeriya Khanina
  • Diana Mizheritskaya
  • Valeriya Yuzvyak
  • Darya Kobets
  • Alina Bykhno
  • Yana Yarosh
  • Anna Sobeshchakova
  • Yuliya Olkhovskaya
  • Alina Olkhovskaya
  • Tatyana Dovzhenko
  • Mariya Vysochanskaya
  • Aleksandra Yaremchuk

Junior Gymnasts (Born in 2003 or later)

  • Kristina Pogranichnaya
  • Viktoriya Onopriyenko
  • Viktoriya Denisenko
  • Yekaterina Demidenko
  • Vita Rokoman
  • Anna Galasyuk
  • Anastasiya Valentirova

First National competition will be from 4th to 8th of February “Ukrainian Championships”.

Rhythmic Gymnastics International Competitions 2018


Olena Dyachenko (UKR)




  • 15th to 19th, Miss Valentine International Tournament (Estonia)
  • 14th to 19th, Grand Prix Moscow (Russia)


  • 14th to 19th, Grand Prix Kiev (Ukraine)
  • 22nd to 25th, Grand Prix Thiais (France)
  • 30th to 3rd of April World Cup Sofia (Bulgaria)


  • 6th to 8th, Grand Prix Marbella (Spain)
  • 13th to 15th, World Cup Pesaro (Italy)
  • 22nd to 24th, World Cup Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • 27th to 29th, World Cup Baku (Azerbaijan)


  • 4th to 6th, World Challenge Cup Guadalajara (Spain)
  • 11th to 13th, World Cup Challenge Cup Portimao (Portugal)
  • 16th and 17th, Grand Prix Holon (Israel)
  • 25th to 27th, World Cup Challenge Cup Berlin (Germany)


  • 1st to 3rd, European Championships, Guadalajara  (Spain)
  • 22nd to 1st of July, Mediterranean Games Tarragona (Spain)


  • 17th to 19th, World Cup Challenge Cup Minsk
  • 24th to 26th, World Cup Challenge Cup Kazan


  • 10th to 16th, World Championships in Sofia (Bulgaria)


  • 6th to 18th, Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (Argentina)


35th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Pesaro, 30.08.2017

Dina Averina (RUS)

Almudena Cid Euskalgym Gala 2017

And then, Almudena’s Gala started, claimed by the crowd. It was announced that she would surprise the audience once again. So she did. She is one of the most beloved former gymnast of RG in Spain and in the whole world. Even current gymnasts admire and respect Almudena as a shining RG star she was. Olympians Anna Rizatdinova and Anna Bessonova from Ukraine adore her. At the end of the gala, Aleksandra Soldatova hugged her as a fan could did. Everybody loves her, who else could not?

Almudena’s gala was focused on Rhythmic Gymnastics history through the time:

“Rhythmic Gymnastics has changed through the years: now our costumes are gold, silver (they were not allowed in 90’s) with feathers and Swarovski stones on them. We wear pieces of art.” And then, Nessun Dorma was played on a piano live. This was the last song that Almudena performed with ribbon in 2008 at Beijing Olympic Games.

After this emotional moment, Almudena talked about the different RG schools of all around the world:

  • RUSSIA: Represented by Aleksandra Soldatova
  • MEN’ RG: Represented by Eneko Lambea
  • SPAIN: Represented by Polina Berezina
  • BULGARIA: Represented by Neviana Vladinova
  • BELARUS: Represented by Melitina Staniouta
  • UKRAINE: Represented by Viktoriya Mazur and Anna Bessonova, who ended the gala with Almudena
  • GEORGIA: Represented by Salome PazhavaALMUDENA CID (2)


Alexandra Agiurgiuculese: “Exploit of the Year”


Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA) during Euskalgym Gala 2017

Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics star, Alexandra Agiurgiuculese is fighting for “Exploit of the year” award this year. She could become the best sportswoman of the year for Gazzetta Sports in Italy.

She won bronze medal in European Junior Championships (team competition) in Holon with Milena Baldassarri.

Alexandra was born in Iasi, Romania on the 15th of January of  2001. In 2011, she moved to Italy. Later in 2016 she won bronze medal in European Junior Championships (team competition) in Holon with Milena Baldassarri. As an individual junior gymnast, she won 3 medals in a row, becoming the most awarded gymnast in the history of Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Vote for Alexandra: http://sportsawards.gazzetta.it/atleta/alexandra-agiurgiuculese/categoria/exploit-dell-anno