Daria Trubnikova announced her retirement

Daria Trubnikova at Marbella Grand Prix

A few days ago, Russian Youth Olympic Games champion, Daria Trubnikova, announced that she will stop doing rhythmic gymnastics, by her own initiative. The gymnast recently said to Russian press that she thought about this decision “more than a million times”. Many people close to her were not conviced about this, since Daria was looking forward the next competition, Crystal Rose at Spartakiad.

“At that time I didn’t have time to prepare at Crystal Rose and I wasn’t at Spartakiad. We decided to end my sports career for Spartakiad. Basically it was just my decision. And contrary to popular belief, as many people think and say in our sport – it was my own decision”

Trubnikova was twice medallist at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires and is also a two-time European champion among juniors. She also was national Champion in 2020 with ball.

“Definitely, The Youth Olympic Games in 2018. This year was really difficult for me. The beggining of the season was not very good. And also, 2019, when I become a Senior Gymnast”

By the moment, Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials are banned indefinitely from competitions by International Gymnastics Federation due to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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Interview to Daria Trubnikova


Daria Trubnikova (RUS)

“During quarantine, we connected to each other using Skype, Zoom…We trained in our rooms. The coaches could also watch us, so that they could correct our trainings”

The Olympic Games are postponed. How did the Russian National Team manage this situation?

Of course these were bad news. We felt really sad for this situation overall. We though that the Olympic Games would be cancelled. For the moment, they just changed the dates. You have to look forward positive situations, so that we think that this is a great opportunity to improve our work.

How is Irina Alexandrovna (Viner) towards you?

Two years ago, when I was still fourteen years old and I competed in Junior competitions, I was really proud of myself because Irina Viner chose me to compete in several competitions. She is a great person. I am looking forward the future and my aim is to compete in World Championships.

How is life in National Training Center?

The first gymnast that I met there was Yuliya Bravikova. We started talking to each other. She was recovering from an injury and she always supported me. I also have a good relationship with Masha Sergeeva. My coach was Amina Zaripova. Right now, this is my third year in Novogorsk.


Mariya Sergeeva (RUS)

Yulia Bravikova

Yuliya Bravikova (RUS)

Could you talk about Amina Zaripova?

She talked to my mother:

“If you don’t like the way I am as a coach, then we won’t find things in common.”

But I felt really good sensations between us.


Were you scared of training with Amina Zaripova after watching the film “Over the Limit”

Over the Limit is an intimate portrait of the world’s most outstanding rhythmic gymnast Margarita Mamun, the main representative of the prestigious Russian National Team.

No, I wasn’t scared at all. But honestly, I have to say that after watching “Over the Limit” I thought about stop doing rhythmic gymnastics. I have never talked to Amina about the film.


Margarita Mamun (RUS)

Which was the most difficult competition for you?
Definitely, The Youth Olympic Games in 2018. This year was really difficult for me. The beggining of the season was not very good. And also, 2019, when I become a Senior Gymnast.
Have you ever think about becoming Olympic Champion?
No. But I dreamed about it.
Are you supersticious?
I have a teddy bear which I kiss before competitions. A Cheburashka, that flies with me to every single competition.


Daria Trubnikova (RUS)