Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships Kiev 2020 Day 1 Results

Melaniia Tur (UKR)

Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships kicked off today in Kiev, Ukraine. Junior individual gymnasts qualified for finals with rope and ball. Only six senior groups took the carpet to perform their five balls routine. Azerbaijan, is leading by the moment the standings, surprising the audience with a black leotard without crystals. Israel is by now in second position and both Ukraine and Estonia scored 32000. Estonia is in third place due to the tie break rules.

In the junior event, 57 junior gymnasts are competing for qualifying in apparatus finals. The top scores are Karina Sydorak from Ukraine (21.500) in rope, Daria Atamanov from Israel (22.650) with ball and Polina Karina with ball from Ukraine.

Polina Karika (UKR)

Rope /Gymnasts Qualified for finals

1.            Karina Sydorak (UKR) 21.500

2.            Dina Agisheva (BLR) 21.350

3.            Eva Brezalieva (BUL) 21.100

4.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 20.175

5.            Lily Ramonatxo (FRA) 19.250

6.            Narmin Bayramova (AZE) 19.150

7.            Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN) 18.950

8.            Annaliese Dragan (ROU) 18.525

Karina Sydorak (UKR)

Ball/Gymnasts Qualified for finals

1.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 22.650

2.            Polina Karika (UKR) 22.650

3.            Yelyzaveta Zorkina (BLR) 22.375

4.            Stliana Nikolova (BUL) 21.925

5.            Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN) 21.300

6.            Alina Gozalova (AZE) 21.200

7.            Erika Dokutsajeva (EST) 20.075

8.            Lily Ramonatxo (FRA) 19.850

Daria Atamanov (ISR)

Senior Groups

5 balls

1.            Azerbaijan 34.600

2.            Israel 34.100

3.            Estonia 32.000

4.            Ukraine 32.000

5.            Turkey 31.900

6.            France 29.250

Alona Hillel (ISR)

Only six Senior Groups will participate in Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships

Due to the worldwide health crisis, many federations withdrawn from European Championships that are going to be held in Kiev, Ukraine in a few days. A group that was among the favorites was Belarus. Today, Belarusian Senior Group withdrawn from the list.

On the other hand, Bulgarian Senior group recently confirmed that they withdrawn from European Championships in Kiev from November 26 to 29 since a member of the team, Erika Zafirova, tested positive for coronavirus. Local news reported that the team will be on quarantine for ten days and they will not be able to train either compete.

Ukrainian Senior Group

This competition will not qualify for Olympic Games, as it was planned before the health crisis.

Due to the current Covid19 crisis all over Europe, FIG will be asked to inform the IOC that Olympic Qualification is not possible at European Championships this year. These organizations don’t want to pressure Federations to travel to an event since the current situation is not appropiate for such an important decision.

Interview to Vlada Nikolchenko

Vlada Nikolchenko, Bronze European Medallist in 2019 with clubs

Current Ukrainian Champion, Vlada Nikolchenko recently talked to European Gymnastics Website about her Rhythmic Gymnastics career.

Just three weeks left to go to until the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships kick off!

Last week, several countries declined their participation at this event, including one of the favorite team, Italy. At the end of September, Russia also confirmed they won’t compete at European Championships this year due to the health crisis. Russia was already qualified for Olympic Games

“For us, the pandemic is affecting both physically and emotionally. Many competitions were cancelled. We are still training, went to a training camp this summer and got fit for the competitions. We are glad Irina Ivanovna Deriugina could manage to hold the Deriugina Cup last September.”

“The worldwide health crisis is affecting us both physically and emotionally”

“After everything was closed because of the lockdown in March, we had three months to prepare for competitions. The situation in the country remained difficult even at the beggining of the summer. At the moment, we are intensively preparing for the main date of this year – the European Championships. It is very important for us, the athletes to feel the spirit of the high level competition. We believe that everything will work out, despite all the hard times and the latest news.”

“My aim is to to compete at Olympic Games and win a medal. Right now I am also studying to become a coach, looking forward the future.”

“Many fans wrote us and supported us during quarantine, when everybody in Europe was at home. We were also asked to shoot some videos as an inspiration and support for all the gymnasts, who couldn’t train. In Instagram, they are creating groups to support us and fanpages. I have 30 thousand subscribers on my Instagram fan page. In Ukraine, we have a Telegram channel of the national team, but the interest for rhythmic gymnastics never subsides.”

Kiev host the European Championships with the absence of the spectators in the stands.

Source: European Gymnastics

Several countries declined their participation in European Championships in Kiev

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

A total of 27 federations were registered in entries at the end of October in this year’s European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics which will be held in Kiev (UKR) from 26 to 29 November.

Due to the health crisis situation all around the World, the Olympic qualification process was moved to next year’s event but these gymnasts are still offered the opportunity to compete.

The host nation, Ukraine, will be represented by Viktoriia Onopriienko and Vlada Nikolchenko.

Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)

The following countries in red colour in the list of nominative entries, are not going to compete at European Championships.

The last country that joined the list of non-participation was Italy.

Milena Baldasarri and Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA)

Calendar of Rhythmic Gymnastics Events in 2021

Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)
09/04/2021 – 11/04/2021FIG World Cup 2021SOFIA (BUL)
16/04/2021 – 18/04/2021FIG World Cup 2021TASHKENT (UZB)
07/05/2021 – 09/05/2021FIG World Cup 2021BAKU (AZE)
21/05/2021 – 23/05/2021FIG World Challenge Cup 2021PORTIMAO (POR)
28/05/2021 – 30/05/2021FIG World Cup 2021PESARO (ITA)
25/06/2021 – 27/06/2021FIG World Challenge Cup 2021CLUJ-NAPOCA (ROU)
02/07/2021 – 04/07/2021FIG BSB Bank World Challenge Cup 2021MINSK (BLR)
09/07/2021 – 11/07/2021FIG World Challenge Cup 2021MOSCOW (RUS)
23/07/2021 – 08/08/2021Games of the XXXII OlympiadTOKYO (JPN)

Green light to European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2020

Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)

The European Gymnastics Executive Committee met online today in order to discuss the 2020 events that are still planned. The most important decision was about the 2020 European Championships, allocated to Kiev, Ukraine. The UEG gave green light to the the event, but this competition will not qualify for Olympic Games, as it was planned before the health crisis.

Due to the current Covid19 crisis all over Europe, FIG will be asked to inform the IOC that Olympic Qualification is not possible at European Championships this year. These organizations don’t want to pressure Federations to travel to an event since the current situation is not appropiate for such an important decision.

39 countries already have signed up for European Championships 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The surprising fact is that team Russia did not sign up for this event, that is scheduled from 26 to 29 November 2020 in Kiev.

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

Katsiaryna Halkina underwent ankle surgery

Katsiaryna Halkina in 2020

The winner of bronze medal at European Championships 2018, underwent surgery in Germany last week. Dr. Teßmann is Head of Trauma Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery / Sports Traumatology at the Helios Clinic in Berlin and is responsible of Halkina’s surgery. “Successful treatment is always my goal. A quick and correct diagnosis is important. It is important to consider individually whether an operation is necessary or whether conservative treatment is sufficient “, said the Doctor.

Katsiaryna Halkina was suffering from ankle pain since last year and an operation was needed to be pain-free. Now, she needs three weeks of physical therapy. She could be able to train again full load in two or three months.

Katsiaryna Halkina

The main goal for her to achieve is to compete again at Olympic Games, this time in Tokyo as it was planned. By the moment, Katsiaryna Halkina will not compete at European Championships, that will be held in Kiev at the end of November

Interview to Viktoriia Onopriienko


Viktoriia Onopriienko4

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

Viktoriia Onopriienko is the current Ukrainian Champion and vice-champion of the European Championship. Last week, she answered many questions and also thanked everyone in a Livestream conversation on Instagram with her fans.

How did you get into the national team?

I joined the National Team after National Championships of Ukraine, in Sumy in 2016. We did a group exercise and 4 individual exercises. After this, they called my coach and said that Irina Ivanovna Deryugina wanted to see me. The next day we arrived at the October Palace. Anna Rizatdinova, Victoria Mazur (the leaders of the current past National Team) were there. My heart just jumped out of my chest. Irina Ivanovna asked me to warm up and show off my exercises. She wanted me to be in the National Team.

Which is your favorite exercise from 2017 to 2020?

I really liked the exercise with the ball “Fever”. This year I like all my exercises, but I would highlight last year’s exercises with a ribbon and clubs.

– How long does your training last?

The first training session starts at 9-10 am and we work out for an hour or two. Then we have a break. The second workout depends on how we are released, usually until 7-8 pm. In general, we train 8-10 hours a day. Sometimes we also have one training session on Saturday.

How hard was for you to get back in shape after quarantine?

It was quite hard, especially to prepare yourself for the Ukrainian Championship. During the quarantine we also had to work out.

Which are your favorite gymnastics element?

I have no favorite elements, but my top elements, as they say, are ring balance and back balance.

Do you prefer unitards or leotards?

I have both, even leotards with or without a skirt.

Have you ever thinked about stop doing gymnastics?

Yes, in the past when the workload increased in training, and I began to take part in competitions more often. At the same time I also went to school and I was very tired. My parents help me a lot, they know how to motivate and support me.

Who is the strictest coach in the national team?

All our coaches are strict in their own way.  We have good behaviour to all the coaches and we have mutual understanding.

What do you do in your free time?

My favorite hobby is cooking.


If you could remove or add some rules in rhythmic gymnastics, what would it be?

I would like to add more elegant movements. According to the rules, there is a lot of work with the apparatus and, I would like to relieve this a little bit, so that the emphasis of the exercise focuses in the artistry.

Which are your plans for the future?

So far, the future for me is the Olympic Games. I really want to represent the Ukrainian National Team at the Olympics and raise up the flag of our country.

Do you speak Ukrainian? Which language do you use more: Russian or Ukrainian?

My whole family speaks Ukrainian. At home with my parents I speak Ukrainian, but in trainings I prefer to speak in Russian.

In which country did you like to perform the most?

Spain. Spanish fans adore this sport,  especially gymnasts from Ukraine. They really like our school, our performances and exercises.


Viktoriia Onopriienko at Grand Prix Marbella

Code of Points: Dance Steps


Natalia Garcia (ESP)

The dance steps are continuous, connected dance steps, which could be classical, ballroom, folkloric or modern steps. A minimum of one Dance Step Combination (named S) must be presented in an exercise. All steps must be clear and visible for the full 10 seconds duration, starting with the first dance movement.
The last steps in combination cannot be simple walking and look like preparation for the next Difficulty element. These steps must be performed according to the music (character, tempo, rhythm and accent).

The value of each Dance Step Series (S) is 0.40

A minimum of one Fundamental Apparatus Technical element must be performed during these dance steps. Also small throws if they support the idea or increase the amplitude and variety of movement. They can be medium or large throws.


Dance steps in Groups (UKR)

How to create these combinations?

They are logically and smoothly connected without unnecessary stops or prolonged preparatory movements, with variety of speed, directions and levels. They are not simple movements across the floor. They are created with different rhythmical patterns with the apparatus in motion during the entire combination (different planes /axis,
directions and levels).

When are not valid?

  • If they are performed less than 10 seconds.
  • When there is no relation between the tempo, rhythm, character and accents of the music and the body/apparatus movements.
  • Without a minimum 2 different varieties of movement (if 2 out of the 4 listed below do not change during
  • When there is missing minimum one fundamental apparatus technical element during (S)
  • When DB values more than 0.10 or Illusions
  • Major alteration of the basic technique of the apparatus handling
  • With pre-acrobatic element(s)
  • Loss of balance during steps with support on one or both hands or on the apparatus.
  • Total loss of balance with fall of the gymnast, performing steps


Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)

When is it not possible to perform?

All these kind of movements must be performed completely on the floor. They could not be performed during (R), pre-acrobatic elements, difficulty of body when the value is more than 0.10 or Illusions.  Difficulty of apparatus during S is not allowed.


Alina Harnasko (BLR)