Requirements for leotards in Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022-2024

As the last code said, a correct gymnastics leotard must be in non-transparent material; therefore, leotards that have some parts in lace will have to be lined (from the trunk to the chest).

This statement is common to the last code of points.

The pelvic area (with or without a skirt) should be covered with non-transparent material up to the hip bones and a small lace or transparent area for connection/decoration is tolerated.

On this code, the cut of the leotard at the top of the legs must not go beyond the fold of the crotch.

Leotards may be with or without sleeves

The undergarments worn beneath the leotard should not be visible beyond the seams of the leotard itself.

The leotard must be all in one piece. It is not possible for a gymnast to wear a leotard and separate additional
“socks,” “gloves,” decorative legwarmers, or belts.
It is not allowed to decorate leotard with light-emitting diodes (LED)

On this code, a leotard with words or symbols is allowed if the design meets ethical standards and based on RG COP 2022-2024
Hair decorations were a point of controversy in the last COP. The hairstyle must be neat and compact. Decorative details are allowed but they must not be bulky and/or jeopardize the safety of the gymnasts. Hair decorations must be close to the bun/compact to the hair.

The penalties are 0.30 point one time for rule is not met.

Requirements for Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards


Close-up of Natalia Garcia’s (ESP) embellished leotard

Based on the updated code of points, a rhythmic gymnastics leotard must accomplish the following rules:

  • Non- transparent. Some parts in lace will have to be lined from the trunk to the chest. It must be tight fitting in order to enable the judges the correct positions.
  • They can have sleeves but narrow straps are not allowed.
  • Leotards for groups must be identical. However, if the leotard is made of a patterned material, some slight differences due to the cut may be tolerated.
  • The neckline of the front and back of the leotard must be no further down than half of the sternum and the lower line of the shoulder blades.
  • The cut of the leotard at the top of the legs must not go beyond the fold of the crotch (maximum); undergarments worn beneath the leotard should not be visible beyond the seams of the leotard itself.

Viktoriia Onopriienko5

Viktoriia Onoprienko’s (UKR) red leotard fitting with the music

From 2017, the code of points also allows:

  • Tights under the leotard
  • Gymnasts may perform their exercises with bare feet or gymnastics slippers.
  • Forbidden: to wear jewellery or piercings which jeopardize the safety of the gymnast. Also a skirt that does not fall further than the pelvic area over the leotard, tights or the unitard is allowed.


Fabrics of a leotard


Bandages or support pieces are made of skin colour

Penalties by Coordinator Judge:

Leotards  will be checked prior to the entrance of the gymnast in the competition hall and if this does not conform to the code of points, a penalty is applied by the Coordinator Judge.

  • -0.30 points for individual gymnast and one time for the Group at fault.
  • -0.30 points if emblem or publicity not conforming to official norms.
  • -0.30 points in case of bandages or support pieces are made of colors (it must be of skin color)


Anastasiya Salos (BLR) wearing a fluor leotard

Tartu2020 SeleznevaEkaterina-RUS

Ekaterina Selezneva wearing a leotard in the same colour as her ball


Leotards in groups


Some part of the leotards could be transparent