Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 2020 Senior Individual All-Around Final Results

Linoy Ashram (ISR) is the European Champion

Linoy Ashram makes history and becomes the first non-Russian European Champion in the all-around senior individual final. Ashram, has won numerous medals in recent years and is seen as one of the country’s leading hopes in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, delayed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.Back in 1997 Elena Vitrichenko from Ukraine was the last non Russian to win this championship. The battle for gold displayed between Israel’s Linoy Ashram and Belarussian Alina Harnasko, who was in the last seasons recovering from ACL (knee) double surgery. About the bronze medal, several gymnasts were in contention before the fourth and last routine. Boryana Kaleyn from Bulgaria and Anastasiia Salos from Belarus were fighting for the podium, but after a drop in Boryana’s clubs routine, Salos got the medal.

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

Both Alina Harnasko and Linoy Ashram scored 100,900 but as the tie breaking rules state, the total execution is firstly compared. The technical deductions also moved Linoy into the lead ahead of Alina. This could gave the gold medal to Linoy Ashram from Israel.

Boryana Kaleyn could not win a medal this time and finished fourth ahead of Nicol Zelikman (ISR), who made four clear routines and Yeva Meleshchuk (UKR).

Yeva Meleshchuk (UKR)
Anastasiia Salos (BLR)
  1. Linoy Ashram (ISR) 100.900
  2. Alina Harnasko (BLR) 100.900
  3. Anastasia Salos (BLR) 96.500
1ISRLinoy Ashram (ISR)100.900
2BLRAlina Harnasko (BLR)100.900
3BLRAnastasiia Salos (BLR)96.500
4BULBoryana Kaleyn (BUL)95.300
5ISRNicol Zelikman (ISR)94.600
6UKRYeva Meleshchuk (UKR)93.450
7BULKatrin Taseva (BUL)92.150
8UKRVlada Nikolchenko (UKR)90.000
9AZEZohra Aghamirova (AZE)88.300
10ROUAndreea Verdes (ROU)88.050
11HUNFanni Pigniczki (HUN)87.650
12AZEArzu Jalilova (AZE)87.600
13SLOEkaterina Vedeneeva (SLO)86.700
14ESTViktoria Bogdanova (EST)82.350
15LATJelizaveta Polstjanaja (LAT)82.350
16MACRejchl Stojanov (MAC)80.600
17TURKamelya Tuncel (TUR)80.050
18ROUSonia Ichim (ROU)79.350
19LTUFausta Sostakaite (LTU)69.900
20MDAAnastasia Guz (MDA)69.600
21CZEDenisa Stepankova (CZE)69.150
22LUXElena Smirnova (LUX)64.550
23CROLana Sambol (CRO)60.650
24MNEJovana Markovic (MNE)47.100
25BIHHana Kahriman (BIH)21.400
Source: losdeportes.info
Alina Harnasko (BLR)

Information about Euskalgym Rhythmic Gymnastics Gala 2019


Euskalgym is a unique show held in Bilbao, Dpain where the best gymnasts in the world are reunited for a magic spectacle. It is a tribute to gymnastics, designed for the delight of fans of this sport, elevated to the art category. Euskalgym is a massive event for the public to enjoy discovering the spectacular nature of gymnastics.

The event is held on BEC Arena, a huge exhibition area in Barakaldo which can seat up to 20.000 people.

Euskalgym started 14 years back in Basque Country, Spain as a small event for local gymnasts. In the last edition in 2018, more than 8300 spectactors crowded BEC Arena. This year, more than 6000 tickets were sold out in less than four hours. Curretly, tickets are sold out.

Save the date! 16th of November 2019 at BEC Arena, Bilbao.


Current World All-Around Champion, Dina Averina


Dina Averina (RUS)

World Champion in Ribbon in 2017, Aleksandra Soldatova


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)

Bronze medallist in European Championships 2018, Katsiaryna Halkina


Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)

Current Vice World Champion, Arina Averina


Arina Averina (RUS)


Current World Championships Bronze in All-Around Competition Medallist, Linoy Ashram


Linoy Ashram

Current World Champion in Hoop, Ekaterina Selezneva


Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)

Current Junior World Champion, Lala Kramarenko


Lala Kramarenko (RUS)

Current World Bronze Medallist in ball and ribbon, Boryana Kaleyn

Boryana Kaleyn

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

Ukrainian Senior National Team
Member, Honoured Master of Sports International Class, Yeva Meleshchuk

The Bulgarian “Golden Girls” Senior Bulgarian Team


Current World Team Bronze Medallist, Anastasiia Salos and Alina Harnasko


Alina Harnasko (BLR)


Anastasiia Salos (BLR)