Anna Rizatdinova comments about Linoy Ashram’s Olympic Victory

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Anna Rizatdinova was the bronze medallist in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Anna commented in a recent interview her point of view on the winner at the 2020 Olympics, Linoy Ashram fron Israel. “I was third, but Yana Kudryatseva made a mistake with clubs”.

Linoy Ashram (ISR)

“I agree that Yana had more difficult in her routines, but everyone had 10 points – the initial amount. I could only scored these 10 points with turns. Kudryavtseva did incredible things with the ball. Her ball control is unique. I admit that when it’s great, then it’s great. But she made a mistake and, nevertheless, she was in second place. If I made a mistake – God forbid, dropped a ribbon, a ball – there would be no talk of any bronze – it would be 6-7th place at best”

Rizatdinova gave an interview to the Ostrov YouTube channel.

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Yana Kudryavtseva, also commented about this interview:

“I always respect all the gymnast and I have never said anything negative about them. But this time, I did not understand these words towards me. Anna Rizatdinova thinks that I didn’t deserve a second place in Rio Olympics 2016 due to my mistake in clubs. Well, the real price for me were my fans, audience. I am very proud of my position in Rio. My advice: accept your defeats.”

Yana Kudryavsteva (RUS)

Anna Rizatdinova’s life after retirement

Anna Rizatdinova

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

It’s been a while since Anna Rizatdinova announced retirement in 2017, a year after her most beloved year in her career as a gymnast. She won medals at European Championships, World Championships and she is the current bronze Olympic medalist.

In early 2017 she stops professional sports career, she flashed everyone in Pesaro World Championships showing off she was clearly pregnant. She gave birth to her son, Roman in Barcelona, Spain.

A few months after becoming mother, she is already fit and nearly eith the same weight she had during Olympic Games (just two kilos of difference.

“I worked out during the whole pregnancy, but the last month was tough. Now I feel fit again”

new balance

Rizatdinova’s work out routines “Dream Body Work by Anna”

Anna’s aim is to open a School of Rhythmic Gymnastics under her name. By now, she’s showing up all her rhythmic gymnastics skills on her Masterclass World tour, were she already visited Spain, Poland, France and Ukraine.

Life as a gymnast

Rizatdinova explained that life as a professional sportswoman is not as easy as it looks. “My life was only focused in rhythmic gymnastics. My body and mind was all about sports. It is very difficult to be always ready to compete. I remember I had really difficult times.” In 2014, Ukraine was involved in a political conflict so that Deriugina School was forced to change its location.

“Nowadays I feel plenty happy. My life totally changed after I became a mom. I really focused on my baby, every single decision is made thinking about Roman.”

Anna Rizatdinova’s next Masterclass stage is in Puebla, Mexico this July.

Carolina rodriguez euskalgym

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR) and Viktoriya Mazur (UKR)

Information about Anna Rizatdinova’s Masterclass in Italy


The ASD RitmicArt organizes, in one day in Verona, a stage of rhythmic gymnastics with the World and European medalist and winner of Olympic bronze in Rio 2016, Anna Rizatdinova. This is a wonderful opportunity for gymnasts to learn about the training methods of this great gymnast from Ukraine. Anna will enable them to acquire specific technical aspects with the tools and confidence with the body language and the basic requirements of the sport.


30th of April of 2017



From 9 am to 7 pm


10 Euro

Palazzetto Masprone

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Anna Rizatdinova’s Exclusive Website

new balance.jpg

Olympic Bronze medalist and World Champion, Anna Rizatdinova has a brand new site, promoting a “dream body” workout. New Balance Ukraine gave Anna the opportunity to promote her image all around the world. This sports brand is also sponsoring Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team of Ukraine. The website includes exclusive content such as a interview to Anna just after Olympic Games.

What was the most emotional moment of your life?

Olympic Games in Rio: the moment I was standing on the podium realizing my dream has come true.

Who’s your favorite singer?

Lana del Rey and Sia

What’s your favorite apparatus?

Hoop. I became World Champion in Hoop in Kiev World Championships in 2013.

Who’s your inspiration in life?

Michael Jackson: People who is dedicated to their work and are passionated about what they do.

How many hours do you train per day?

I work 6 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm. Sunday is my day off

Anna Rizatdinova

Which is the most beautiful city you have visited?

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Who is your favorite designer?

Tom Ford

You’re workout in 3 words:

Passion, Discipline and Faith

What drives you in your life?

Faith and motivation



Anna Rizatdinova injured during Deriugina Cup

Rizatdinova Euskalgym

In Kiev, on Friday, March 17, was the first day of the international tournament of a series Grand Prix Deriugina Cup. The big expectation was around Rio Medallist, Anna Rizatdinova. Irina Deriugina said in a recent interview that Anna was ready for D-Cup in a fit condition, even better than in Rio.

Anna Rizatdinova shockingly came out of the competition after the first rotation.

“Anna Rizatdinova forced to cease participation in the qualifying competition Deriugina Cup Grand Prix. After their first performance with Hoop bronze medalist of the Olympics in Rio are unable to continue to participate in the competition due to the escalation of long-standing foot injury,” – said in the press release of the organizing Committee of the tournament.

Anna was the favorite to win this legendary competition.


Source: Ukropnews

Photos: Anna Rizatdinova and Viktoriya Mazur Portraits

Carolina rodriguez euskalgym


Ukrainian graces, Anna Rizatdinova ( 2013 Word All-around silver medalist, the 2014 All-around bronze medalist and the 2014 European All-around bronze medallist) and European medallist, Viktoriya Mazur attended this month to Euskalgym Gala Show in Spain. These pictures where taken during autograph session and press conference.

Anna Rizatdinova was interviewed by one of the most popular sports press magazine in Spain. She revealed how happy she was for qualifying for Olympic Games in Rio. She already started her preparation looking forward Summer Olympic Games in 2016.










Interview to Anna Rizatdinova: Season 2015


Anna Rizatdinova (UKR) – Aeon Cup 2014


This season, 2014, was one of the most succesful in Anna Rizatdinova’s career: Bronze medal at European and World Championships in All-Around.

– “This year was not easy for us – the Ukrainian team. Since the beggining of the year, we had to move to other training room because of the political situation. Our hall is located in the center of Kiev so that it was dangerous to train over there. Now that the situation in Kiev is much better, we are back. But we still have problems with the boiling system: the hall is very cold”

– “My coach Ireesha, is very important for me. She knows how to handle me and makes me trust in myself. She was with me at European Championships, but not for World Championships. Ireesha became a mother some months ago so that she could not be with me. Instead of her, her grandma, Albina was my coach. Although she was not at World Championships, we were talking on phone everyday.”



World Championships Izmir 2014


– “The preparation for World Championships was really tough. I cried every single day. But finaly I could get a medal at World Championships. I was very happy.”

– “We are working really hard for the new routines. Next year is the one previous to Olympics. I wish Ireesha could be ready with me for World Championships 2015 in Stuttgart.”


World championships izmir

Interview to Anna Rizatdinova: Izmir 2014


Ukrainian champion, Anna Rizatdinova, bronze at European Championships this year is getting ready for Izmir Championships 2014, that will be held in Turkey the next week.

How is your preparation going? There is only a week left for World Championships

– It is very difficult to prepare: both mentally and physically. I think that this time I will be very fit for this competition. We could not almost train in January and February due to political situation in Kiev.

Have you been in Turkey before?

– I have been when I was a kid and I can’t almost remember anything. This time, during competition it will be very difficult to visit the city since we only visit the hotel. I do not know if it will work this time to get out. The schedule is pretty intense: five days of competition.

Where is your gold medal (World Championships Kiev 2013)?

– It is at my parents’ in Simferopol

How is the attitude towards Ukrainian gymnasts

– I can say it is very good. Last spring we competed in France where many people support us up. We did not expect this. Everybody was asking us if we were sad.
With Russian team we were talking as ever- but not about politics.

Last year at World Championships in Kiev you won a gold medal. Accidentaly, Russian national anthem was played instead of Ukrainian. You began to sing but suddenly you said “Not this…”. How you would react at such mistake right now?

– My parents were born in Russia so they know both anthems. That happened last year, now the situation would be totally different.

Recently, Alina Maksymenko uploaded a video performing a “basketball trick”. Was this your idea?

– No, I was not with Alina when she recorded this video. Now that she finished her career, we don’t see each other very often. Alina was invited in many countries (masterclasses) and she has scheduled about three others in Spain.

Irina Blohina is pregnant, what do you think about it?

– We are all happy for her. Ireesha is coming to help us many times. It is a pity she can’t come with us to World Championships in Turkey, but fortunatly, we have phones.

How is your personal life?

– We don’t have so many free time. We just have a day off: Sunday. After trainings, we are very tired and we don’t even have time for going for a walk.


Anna loves American singer, Lana del Rey and “Summertime Sadness” gala is very special for her



Anna has a really close relationship with Ireesha: “Without her many things couldn’t be possible”

Team Ukraine will compete for free in European Championships

Minister of Sports of Ukraine, Dmitriy Bulatov confirmed that Team Ukraine will compete in European Championships with almost free fees,  due to the current financial situation in this country.

Ukraine has not confirmed yet its participation in World Championships, that will be held in Izmir, Turkey.


Viktoriya Mazur (UKR)

“We are all devasted. It is so sad to live what is happening in our country right now” – said Ireesha Blohina, Ukrainian National team coach.

“What is clear is that I won’t change my citizenship. I am Ukrainian and I will compete for Ukraine” – said current World Hoop Champion, Anna Rizatdinova.


Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Anastasiya Mulmina

Group UKR with their coach, Irina Deriugina

Valeriya Khanina, junior (UKR) and former RG star Alina Maksymenko (UKR)