International Gymnastics Federation Measures to protect athletes hit by the war

Today, the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) expressed its measures concerning the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in the last days. Their motto is to protect the athletes from political pressure, since FIG is a sporting Committee. President Watannabe is offering help to the Gymnastics Community in Ukraine. The measures that FIG determined are:

Team Ukraine

  • The Russian and Belarussian national flags must not be displayed, and the Russian and Belarussian anthems must not be played at any FIG-sanctioned events until further notice.
  • All FIG World Cup and World Challenge Cup events planned to take place in Russia and Belarus are cancelled, and no other FIG events will be allocated to Russia or Belarus until further notice.
  • All FIG-sanctioned events planned to take place in Russia and Belarus are removed from the FIG calendar and will no longer be recognised by the FIG. No other events taking place in Russia and Belarus will be sanctioned by the FIG until further notice.

Source: FIG press release