Happy Birthday Caroline Weber!

caroline weber

Today, Caroline Weber celebrates her 27th birthday.

Caroline Weber started gymnastics in the age of ten at her first youth championship . Today she holds complete records in Austria. She was at Olympic Games twice (2008 and 2012), so that she is the only austrian gymnasts holding this title.

In Austria, Caro is the four-time OFT Sportswoman of the year. From 2003 to 2012 Weber won the all-around ten times in a row and all four apparatus titles. Her total of 55 state championships are likely to be World Record. Now she wants to finish her amazing career at home: Eureopean Championships 2013.


Photo Copyright ©: Tom Theobald

Photo Copyright©: Eileen Langsley


17th  in Beijing 2008  18th in London 2012
3 times at Universiade 2011/2009/2007
7th at Universiade Bangkok, 2007
7th in World Games Taiwan 2009
7th times at World Championships 2011/2010/2009/2007/2005/2003/2001
14th in World Championships Patras, 2007
10th times at European Championships 2012/11/10/09/08/07/06/05/04/02.
8th in EC Minsk, 2011

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Hoy es el cumpleaños de la gimnasta austriaca Caroline Weber, que cumple 27 años.
Carolina Weber comenzó a practicar gimnasia rítmica a los 10 años de edad. A día de hoy ella tiene todos los records en temas de rítmica en su país, Austria, además de ser la única gimnasta austriaca que ha participado en los Juegos Olímpicos dos veces: 2008 Pekín y 2012 Londres.

En su país ha sido nombrada 4 veces la deportista del año. Desde el 2003, ha ganado tanto los concursos generales como las finales por aparatos en el campeonato nacional de Austria. Ahora, ella quiere concluir su carrera como gimnasta en su país, siendo el Campeonato de Europa de Viena, la guinda final.


Caroline and her coach Luchia Egermann

Photo Copyright©: Bernd Thierolf

European Championships Vienna: Facts



The competition hall is: Wiener Stadthalle

Vogelweidplatz 14
1150 Vienna
Tel. +43 1 98100 – Fax: +43 1 98100 – 376


• The competition hall has a free height of 15 m.
• Reserved seating will be allocated for each delegation, i.e. for all gymnasts and officials not engaged in
the competition.
• Reserved seating will be at the disposal of the Heads of delegation.

Training Halls: (9 FLOORS)

• The competition, training and warm-up halls are located in one building – Wiener Stadthalle.
• The training halls have a free height of 10 m; one of them 7 m for physical preparation.

• The official training will start on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 and will end on Thursday, May 30th, 2013.
Delegations will receive the training schedule upon arrival.
• Trainings for the Individual Senior finalists and for the Junior groups Comp. III will take place on
Sunday, June 02nd
, 2013 according to a special schedule. The delegations concerned will receive this
schedule after Competition I, Saturday, June 01st
, 2013.
• For the Junior groups, training will be organised on Friday, May 31st
, 2013, according to a special
• Access to the training halls is limited to the nations concerned and to the persons being in possession
of and wearing the accreditation at all times. The accreditation is personal and cannot be used by other
• After the official training in the competition hall, the Heads of delegation have to confirm with a special
form that the music tracks of their gymnasts are correct and without any mistakes.




• Swiss Timing will provide the official scoring service and management of the start lists, scores and
results. The IRCOS system will be available for the Superior Jury only in case of inquiry.
• The scores of the different exercises will be published on an electronic board indicating the number and
name of the gymnast, the notes D and execution as well as the penalties and the final note.

There will be control videos for all exercises.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

Leotards are the one-piece garment that gymnasts wear in their exercises. Since 2001, COP allows leotards with or without skirts and unitards (since 1993) . The skirt should fall down on the hips and “tutu shape” is forbidden. Its length should not go lower than the pelvis. Tights are also allowed. Some years ago, leotards were embroidered with sequins and glitter, but nowadays they could also have Swarovski crystals on them.

The design


Sketch property of https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leotards-maillots-mallas-rhythmic-gymnastics/132546370178995


Worn by Belarusian Team in 2011

Photo Copyright © Tom Theobald


Sketch property of https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leotards-maillots-mallas-rhythmic-gymnastics/132546370178995

 Close Ups


Leotard by http://gymnastics-fantastic.com/


Leotard by http://art-blesk.com/ru/


Worn by Eugenia Onopko (ESP)

Photo Copyright © Bernd Thierolf


Leotard by M. Dávide http://www.maillots-mdavide.com/


Worn by Silviya Miteva (BUL)


Leotard by M. Dávide http://www.maillots-mdavide.com/


Flower detail by  http://art-blesk.com/ru/

Ready to wear


Leotard by http://gymnastics-fantastic.com/


In style of Russian group 2009


Leotard by http://art-blesk.com/ru/

Worn by Eugenia Onopko (ESP)

Lent leotard

Once in Thiais GP, Almudena Cid forgot her leotards at the hotel, so that Alina Kabaeva lent her leotard to her.


Photo Copyright © Tom Theobald


Photo Copyright © Tom Theobald


Photo Copyright © Miguelez Sports

Sold Leotards

Russian Leotards to Austrian Team


Caroline Weber (AUT)

Photos by Tom Theobald and Eileen Langsley


Nicol Ruprecht (AUT)

Photo (right) by Bernd Thierolf

Belarusian Leotards to Mexican Team


Verónica Navarro (MEX) and Liubov Cherkashyna (BLR)

Russian Leotards to Mexican Team


Russian Leotards to Cyprus


Darya Dmitrieva (RUS) and Chrystalleni Trikomiti (CYP)

Russian Leotards to U.S.A.


Darya Dmitrieva (RUS) and Rebecca Sereda (USA)

Russian Leotards to Romania PISCU

Happy Birthday Anastasiya Mulmina!

anastasia mulmina

Today’s Anastasiya Mulmina’s birthday, gymnast from Ukraine. This is the first year that Anastasiya competes in senior category. She’s turning 16. Anastasiya surprised everybody last year at Nizhny Novgorod European Championships. She has amazing skills for rhythmic gymnastics and talent aswell.


Photo Copyright © Manfred Engele


Photo Copyright © Enrico Della Valle



Photo Copyright © Motusmedia.org


Happy Birthday Natalia Lipkovskaya!


Today’s 26th of April, Natalia Lipkovskaya’s birthday. Natalia is a russia gymnast, World Champion in 1997. Nowadays, Natalia works with Russian Team, attending as Head of Delegation in several international competitions.






Natalia also did Aesthetic Gymnastics, some years ago:






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Deseamos un feliz cumpleaños a la gimnasta rusa Natalia Lipkovskaya, ya retirada. Natalia se proclamó campeona del mundo en el año 1997. Tras retirarse de la gimnasia rítmica, decidió practicar, con éxito un deporte íntimamente relacionado con la gimnasia rítmica, gimnasia estética de grupo, incluso con otras ex-gimnastas como la campeona olímpica en Sydney, Maria Netesova.

Actualmente Natalia sigue vinculada a la gimnasia rítmica, acompañando al equipo nacional de Rusia a diferentes competiciones internacionales y siendo la representante de la delegación rusa.



Happy Birthday Karolina Sevastyanova!




Today’s Karolina Sevastyanova’s birthday (18). She is group Olympic Champion (London 2012), European Champion (Nizhny-Novgorod) and also she took gold in Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Karolina represented Russia inYouth Olympic games with Kseniya Dudkina, Alina Makarenko and Olga Ilina, who are still in senior group.



Kseniya Dudkina, Olga Ilina and Karolina Sevastyanova Gold medal in Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010


Russian Group won Gold medal in AA World Cup Minsk 2012


Anastasiya Nazarenko, Karolina Sevastyanova, Anastasiya Bliznyuk and Ulyana Donskova London Olympic Games 


Emotional moment for Russian Group, Gold medal in London Olympic Games 2012

Karolina retired after London Olympic Games.


Karolina posing for a Russian Magazine (May  edition)

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Hoy es el cumpleaños de la gimnasta rusa Karolina Sevastyanova (18 años), campeona olímpica en Londres 2012, campeona de Europa 2012 y campeona de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud 2010.

Karolina representó a Rusia en conjunto junior, con 4 aros junto a Kseniya Dudkina, Alina Makarenko y Olga Ilina, las cuales aún siguen en el conjunto senior.

Tras ganar la medalla de oro en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012, decidió retirarse, junto con su compañera Ulyana Donskova.


Conjunto junior 2010, Alina Makarenko y Karolina Sevastyanova en esta foto


Conjunto ruso en Londres 2012, medalla de oro

Happy Birthday Yevgeniya Gomon!


Yevgeniya is one of the gymnasts that composes group UKR, besides Valeriya Gudim, Oleksandra Gridasova, Olena Dmytrash, Svetlana Prokopova and Oleksandra Aslanyan. She was also in London Olympic Games, with team Ukraine (5th position), with 54.375 points. Viktoriya Lenyshyn and Viktoriya Mazur (now,  individual gymnasts) were also in the Olympic team.


Yevgeniya as a Junior Individual gymnast, Portimao World Cup 2010

Copyright © Tom Theobald


Group UKR following competitions are: Grand Prix Thiais (France) and World Cup Lisbon (Portugal).


Olympic Team UKR 2012

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Yevgeniya es una de las gimnastas que forma parte del conjunto de Ucrania, además de Valeriya Gudim, Oleksandra Gridasova, Olena Dmytrash, Svetlana Prokopova y Oleksandra Aslanyan. También acudió a las Olimpiadas de Londres 2012 con el conjunto, donde allí obtuvieron una 5º plaza con una puntuación total de 54,375. Viktoriya Lenyshyn y Viktoriya Mazur (ahora gimnasta individual), estuvieron también en el equipo Olímpico.

yevgeniya gomon

Las próximas competiciones para el conjunto de Ucrania serán el Grand Prix de Thiais (Francia) y la Copa del Mundo de Lisboa (Portugal).

evgeniya gomon

Happy Birthday Diana Borisova!


Diana is a russian gymnast who was really succesful at junior category. She was European Champion (with team Russia) in Nizhny-Novogorod European Championships. Her team mates were Yana Kudryavtseva (ball), Yulia Sinitsina (clubs) and Alexandra Soldatova (ribbon). Nowadays she’s still training at Novogorsk. Her coach is Vera Shatalina. Diana also was competing with the Russian National Team in a few russian competitions.


Nizhny-Novogorod European Championships 2012 (Junior)

From left to right: Team Belarus, Team Russia (Alexandra Soldatova, Yana Kudryavtseva, Yulia Sinitsina and Diana Borisova) and Team Georgia.

Copyright © Dirk Zimmermann


Diana with her coach, Vera Shatalina at European Championships 2012.

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Diana es una gimnasta rusa la cual tuvo una carrera muy exitosa en categoría junior. Participó en el Campeonato de Europa de Nizhny-Novgorod del año 2012, resultando campeona de Europa junto con sus compañeras Yana Kudryavtseva, Yulia Sinitsina y Alexandra Soldatova. Actualmente entrena en el centro de alto rendimiento ruso al mando de Irina Viner y entrenada por Vera Shatalina. Diana también formó parte del conjunto nacional ruso en algunas competiciones estatales.


Copyright © Viktorphoto

How does a gymnast feel moments before a competiton?

Long trips. Hours and hours in a plane. It’s time to compete, to show the result of many weeks of hardwork. First trainings in the hall, getting ready for the event. Some gymnasts want to talk to each other, to their mates or to their coaches. Others prefer to relax, like listening to music.

melitina corbeil

Melitina Staniouta (BLR) listening to music, Corbeil-Essonnes 2011

Alyabyeva anna

Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ), Marbella GP 2010

Dmitrieva Trofimova

Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) and Uliyana Trofimova(UZB) laughing, Marbella GP2010.

In some competitions, organization lets the gymnasts rehearse minutes before in the same
carpet they will compete. Final moments to polish difficulties.

Lidia redondo

Lidia Redondo (Team Spain), Corbeil-Essones World Cup 2012

Minutes, even seconds before the performance, coaches help their gymnast to focus. We’ve
witnessed all kind of tricks.

Rizatdinova anna

Anna Rizatdinova (UKR) with Albina Derugina, Marbella GP 2010.

Kanaeva shtelbaums

Vera Shtelbaums and Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS), WC Budapest 2009

Time to go onto the carpet.


Evgeniya Kanaeva(RUS) WC Montpellier 2011

Sometimes things don’t go well…


Son Yeon Jae (KOR), London Olympic Games 2012

Source: sports.yahoo.com

Viktoria Shynkarenko (UKR) Portimao 2011 (Out of Competition)


Yana Lukonina (RUS) GP Moscow

Copyright© Kashlikov.ru


Alina Kabaeva (RUS) Deventer GP

… or go really well!


Liubov Cherkashyna London Olympic Games 2012


Almudena Cid Tostado(ESP) Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Time to wait for the score…

Kanaeva Portimao score

Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) Portimao World Cup 2010

caroline weber

Caroline Weber (AUT) Portimao World Cup 2010

… it might be bad


…or they might be good.


Anna Bessonova World Championships Patras 2007

Copyright© Dan Pickard

Relax and time for fans!!

Kanaeva Portimao

Evgeniya Kanaeva, Portimao World Cup 2010

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¿Qué siente una gimnasta antes de la competición?

Viajes interminables. Horas y horas en un avión. Es la hora de competir, de demostrar lo que
se ha trabajado durante semanas y meses. Es la hora de los primeros entrenamientos en el
pabellón y con ellos, llegar a punto para el evento. Algunas gimnastas hablan entre ellas, con
sus compañeras de equipo o sus entrenadoras. Otras prefieren relajarse, estar solas o escuchar

Tras los primeros entrenamientos, vuelta al hotel. Al día siguiente, se repite la rutina. En
algunas competiciones, los organizadores dejan a las gimnastas entrenar minutos antes de salir
a la pista en el tapiz oficial.

Los momentos más tensos, son sin duda los segundos y minutos antes de competir. Aquí todo
tipo de trucos son válidos, desde concentrarse de cara a la pared hasta que la entrenadora
masajee las orejas de su gimnasta.

Una vez pasada la actuación (con buenos y malos momentos), las gimnastas esperan ansiosas
su nota. En momentos tensos, pueden romper a llorar, abrazar a su entrenadora, mandar
mensajes a sus familias o amigos… Todo es posible en el “Kiss &Cry” .

Cuando ya se sabe la nota entonces es nuestro momento favorito… ¡recibir a los fans! Muchas
gimnastas se pasan minutos y minutos atendiendo a sus fans (fotos, autógrafos…).