Ekaterina Selezneva for Vogue Russia


Ekaterina Selezneva: “Turning moment”

Ekaterina Selezneva was born 21 years ago in Russia. She is international Master of Sports and a member of National Russian Team.

“I have been doing gymnastics since I was 5 years old. My mum is an honored rhythmic gymnastics coach, but she wasn’t too much about of me becoming a professional gymnast. I don’t remember my first training. But I was surrounded by girls that were older than me. I was even scared of them!”


Darya Klesheva and Ekaterina Selezneva


“Right now I am on my third year of University and soon I will graduate in Physical Education. It is really difficult to study and be a sportswoman at the same time. For example this year, Russian National Championships was one of the most difficult competitions of my life. We have a really tough gymnastics school, one of the best of the whole world. The level in this championship is quite high. Fortunatly I performed clean routines that’s why I could join National Team”



Source: VOGUE RUSSIA – Photos All Rights Reserved


Team Ukraine for Vogue

Vogue is one of the most important fashion magazines in the whole world.

Top gymnasts from Ukraine were photographied for Vogue Magazine

This time, Vogue Ukraine, chose Rhythmic Gymnastics Ukrainian National Team for an amazing photoshoot. All images are property of Vogue



From left to right: Viktoriya Mazur, Alina Maksymenko, Anna Rizatdinova and Viktoriya Shynkarenko.



This is not the first time that Ukrainian gymnasts appear in a fashion magazine. Ireesha Blohina, Alina Maksymenko and Anna Rizatdinova were at the cover of another popular magazina, called “L’Officiel”.



Some metro stations of the city of Kiev advertisments of World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Less that 20 days left for the show