Over the Limit: Margarita Mamun’s documentary


Margarita Mamun (RUS)

“Over the Limit” is about the story of Margarita Mamun, the Olympic Champion in 2016. This documentary paints an intimate portrait of a gymnast who can only reach success in her career if she gives up everything else. Its director is Marta Prus, a young film director from Poland. She was a gymnast and a ballerina. She also studied contemporary dance. Gymnastics became a part of her and that’s why she chose this sport as the main theme of the film.

“I wanted to make a film about Russian gymnasts because they’ve been unrivalled for years”

She was inspired both in rhythmic gymnastics and Russia.

“I grew up with a sense of Russia being a great country with limited freedoms. In Over the Limit, I wanted to talk about what freedom there is like today”.


Irina Viner- Usmanova

Irina Viner-Usmanova is the head coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Russia. Currently, she is married to a billionare man in Russia. Marta Prus, met Irina Viner during Moscow Grand Prix in 2013. Viner wasn’t interested in talking to the director, not to mention being filmed. A week later, Marta travelled to the Novogorsk training centre for Olympic athletes in a suburb of Moscow. Prus lied to the soldier in the badge and told him she had a meeting with Viner.

She tried to convince Irina at Novogorsk but she was adamant. Irina Viner yelled at the woman that let “the stranger” walk in the hall. In that moment, Marta knew then that she would make this movie. After some competitions following Irina, she let this project start.

“Gymnasts in Russia are stars, wearing Gucci and riding in expensive cars. They’re worshipped in Russia, living a celebrity life of luxury and fame.”

A few scenes into the film, were interrupted after Irina Usmanova first watched it. She was upset because she was filmed telling a gymnast she was a piece of shit. But it was already too late. It was censored in Russia with “beep sounds” but in Amsterdam, it was screened without any censorship.

This short film named Marta Prus one of the ‘10 Europeans to watch in 2018’.


Source: Culture Poland. Translated from Polish by WK.



Rhythmic Gymnastics: Emotions

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a very emotive sport: isnt’t it? Gymnasts are rivals but they are also best friends. We all even can see the good relationship between coaches and their gymnast such as Amina Zaripova and Margarita Mamun, Ireesha Blohina and Anna Rizatdinova or Aleksandra Soldatova and Anna Dyachenko-Shumilova.

An example of friends are rivals are Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun. They are happy for each other no matter what.


Yana Kudryavtseva (RUS) and Margarita Mamun (RUS)

Amina Zaripova was one of the top gymnasts from Russia on 90’s. And now, she is coach of an Olympic Champion. Amina support Rita since she was a junior gymnast. She is always really sweet with her gymnasts.


Margarita Mamun (RUS) and Amina Zaripova


Anastasiya Serdyukova (UZB) and Sevar Karimova


Daria Svatkovskaya (RUS) and her mum (and coach) Oksana Skaldina


Carolina Rodríguez (ESP) and Ruth Fernández


Almudena Cid and Natalia García (ESP)


Anna Rizatdinova (UKR) and Ireesha Blohina

Russian twins Dina and Arina Averina always support each other . We can say they are almost  the whole day, even in competitions, together.


Dina and Arina Averina (RUS)

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards: Designer Inspiration


Russian Group 2011 iconic leotard, that reminds Valentino’s roses

Leotard is a skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs wore by gymnasts. Some of them are also covering legs and they are called “unitards”. Leotards designers can find their inspiration on fashion runways. Here are some examples:



Margarita Mamun

Olympic Champion, Margarita Mamun, wore a leotard that was clear an inspiration of Versace’s Runway gown that was also seen in supermodels such as Gigi Hadid.

Russian team gymnast, Karina Kuznetsova wore a leotard inspired in Valentino’s original gown. This leotard was worn as its first time by Margarita Mamun.

Yana Kudryavtseva loves fashion and that can be also seen on her leotards. Yana wore all her new 2016 season leotards during Baltic Hoop 2016. Her ball leotard was an inspiration on an iconic design by Dior Couture.

Margarita Mamun

Photo by Enrico Della Valle

Margarita Mamun’s butterflies leotard was a leotard adaptation from Jean Louis Sabaji SS 2013 Ready To Wear collection.



Another case in point is this beautiful leotard inspired in Elie Saab’s Couture 2013 gown, wore by Margarita Mamun



Yana Kudryavtseva wearing an inspired leotard on Elie Saab’s SS 2014 Runway Gown

Margarita Mamun: Beggining of new 2016 season



World Team Champion, Margarita Mamun is working on her new routines, looking forward Olympic Games in Rio.

Last year was really successful for Rita, who won two gold and three silver medals at World Championships in Stuttgart.

“This year Rita has 4 new completely different exercises. They are all different: including music and elements. I can say we are even using rock music.” – says Amina Zaripova, Mamun’s coach – “For me this is the most interesting stage of the season ”

“The new compositions are made by our choreographer, Irina Zenovka, supervised by Irina Alexandrovna (Viner). We are working from the morning until the evening. This new routines will show a different “Rita”.

Margarita Mamun is opening the season in Kazan and Moscow (first stage of Grand Prix series) in February.




Margarita Mamun Euskalgym 2015: Photos



Margarita “Rita” Mamun is the Russian National All-Around Champion and two-time World All-Around silver medalist. Rita was born in Russia but his father from Bangladesh that is why she briefly competed for this country. Her mother is a former rhythmic gymnast.

During 2015 Rita won gold in World Championships Team Competition together with Yana Kudryavtseva and Aleksandra Soldatova. She as also awarded with Longines Prize for Elegance.

Her coach is Amina Zaripova a former rhythmic gymnast also from Russia, silver and bronze All-Around European and World medalist.

These pictures were taken during Euskalgym press conference and gala in Vitoria, Spain.

Margarita mamun







Interview to Margarita Mamun before Europen Games




Russian European and World Champion, Margarita Mamun, talks about her sports career.

Margarita, how is your preparation to European Games going?

– I’ve just come back from Berlin Grand Prix and I am really happy since I got 4 first positions. My ribbon routine was the only which I didn’t get a medal. Right now, we have a really short break and then we work out for the European Games.

Your teammate Yana Kudryatseva couldn’t attend to Berlin Grand Prix due to exams. What about you?

– Yana is passing exams to attend to University next year. I did these exams two years ago, that’s why I could compete at Universiade in Kazan. I am sure Yana will get good scores so that she could join National University.

Do you talk to other gymnasts during competitions

– I try to be in touch with other gymnasts who speak Russian Language via social networks. I have to say that I speak a lot with Neta Rivkin from Israel.

– How is your daily routine?

– I wake up and then I got ready while I listen to music. If we are in a competition, we go for a walk after it if we can.

– How is the audience from Azerbaijan?

– They are always very nice with us, as I can remember from European Championships in Baku in 2014. I hope it is the same for European Games.

– Yana Kudryatseva is a very good friend of you. How is your relationship during competitions?

– We are fighting for our country: Russia. But I have to say that I remember when Yana’s ribbon music suddenly stop playing at World Championships in Kiev, I started to cry.

– Will your routines have changes this year?

– Irina Zenovka, our choreographer chose a music of Scorpions for my new routine, that will be seen in World Championships in September. I will also have a new leotard.

Amina Zaripova answers fans questions



Former gymnast, Amina Zaripova works nowadays as a coach in Russia, with notable trainees as Anna Trubnikova, Yana Lukonina and  currently, Margarita Mamun. “Sportvisor.ru” purpose fans to send questions to Amina. Here are some facts about Zaripova that you maybe didn’t know:

– “If there was a meal I could choose not to live without I would say meat. I can’t live without it! ”

– “Rita and I have a ritual before going onto the carpet, like every gymnast. But this is private”

– “Margarita is a good girl, well educated and delicate. She has a lot of fans, people who follows and cheers for her”


At this moment, Amina Vasilevna is the head coach of World Champion Margarita Mamun (2013, 2014) and European Champion (2013, 2015).



Emotions in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is more than a sport.  Is an art that combines technical movements with expression and handling of an apparatus. This new code includes dancing steps and  artistic more than the previous codes.

Anna Bessonova

Anna Bessonova

Anna Bessonova was one of the most emotional gymnast and so that one of the most popular for the audience. She could perform both an elegant routine (Swan Lake) or a modern one (The Matrix).

Sometimes you can’t stop your feelings:


Anna Bessonova could’t believe she was World Champion (Patras 2007)
Photo Copyright Bernd Thierolf


Team Ukraine became World Champion in 5 Ribbons (World Championships New Orleans 2002)

And sometimes you just are not at your best:


Natalia Godunko got injured but she decided anyways to compete (Patras 2007)

Moments before going onto the carpet, concentration is the key:


Anna Rizatdinova (Kiev World Championships 2013)

But the routine didn’t go as it was expected…


Anna Rizatdinova (World Championships Kiev 2013)

Coach and gymnast:


Margarita Mamun and her coach Amina Zaripova

A medal is your highest achievement:


Anastasiya Bliznyuk (World Championships Kiev 2013)


Alina Maksymenko (European Championships Minsk 2011)


Alina Maksymenko (World Championships Kiev 2013)

When you have to say “thank you” to the audience and their unconditional support:


Uliyana Trofimova (Grand Prix Thiais 2012)
Photo Copyright Olivier Aubrais

The moment after the routine when you can relax and smile:

Melitina Staniouta (World Championships Kiev 2013)

Friendship in Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Almudena Cid and Inna Zhukova (Olympic Games 2008)

Russian National Team 2013

Irina viner new team

Moscow Grand Prix always generates a big expectation. Everybody can’t wait to see Russian Star’s new routines.

The New Group

Ulyana Donskova and Karolina Sevastyanova retired after Olympics. Many girls were candidates to become members, such as Ralina Rakipova (who was European Champion with junior group) and Diana Borisova (who was also European Champion with the junior team).

The new group is compounded finally by Alina Makarenko, Kseniya Dudkina, Anastasiya Nazarenko, Olga Ilina, Anastasiya Bliznyuk and Anastasiya Maximova. This last gymnast joined the team in 2009, but she left in 2010. After this, she was still training in Nizhny-Novgorod and also competing in national competitions (group routines). Ralina  Rakipova will be one of the reserve gymnasts.

The new group is compounded finally by Alina Makarenko, Kseniya Dudkina, Anastasiya Nazarenko, Olga Ilina, Anastasiya Bliznyuk and Anastasiya Maximova.

The New individual team

In spite of being the oldest gymnast of the team, Darya Dmitrieva will not be for the moment, Team Russia’s first gymnast. This way Irina Viner announced Dasha won’t be competing until she recovers from a leg injury.

The new team is very young. These were the girls selected: Margarita Mamun, Anna Trubnikova, Maria Titova, Darya Svatkovskaya, Elizaveta Nazarenkova and Alexandra Merkulova.

Other individual gymnasts will compete under Russian flag in international competitions: Yana Kudryavtseva, , Diana Borisova, Natalya Bulychyova, Yulia Sinitsina (Moscow), Ekaterina Selezneva (Pushkino), Ekaterina Chukalina (Dmitrov)…

New Coaches

New coaches joining the team will be Oksana Skaldina and Dinara Gimatova.


Copyright© Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation


 irina viner anuncio los componentes

El Grand Prix de Moscú siempre causa gran expectación. Todos esperan con ansia ver los nuevos ejercicios de las estrellas rusas de la gimnasia.

El nuevo conjunto.

Ulyana Donskova y Karolina Sevastyanova, ganadoras de oro en Londres, decidieron retirarse tras los Juegos Olímpicos. Muchas gimnastas fueron candidatas para formar parte del equipo como Ralina Rakipova (la cual fue campeona de Europa con el conjunto junior) o Diana Borisova (la cual también fue campeona de Europa con el equipo junior).

Finalmente el Nuevo grupo está formado por Alina Makarenko, Kseniya Dudkina, Anastasiya Nazarenko, Olga Ilina, Anastasiya Bliznyuk y Anastasia Maximova. Esta última gimnasta, formó parte del equipo desde el año 2009, aunque posteriormente, en el año 2010 dejó de estar dentro de la selección. Sin embargo, ella siguió compitiendo y entrenando como gimnasta de conjunto en Nizhny-Novgorod. Ralina Rakipova es la séptima gimnasta del conjunto.

Las nuevas gimnastas individuales.

A pesar de ser la gimnasta más veterana del equipo, Darya Dmitrieva no va a formar parte de él. De esta manera, anuncio Irina Viner que Dasha no competirá hasta que se recupere de su lesión.

El nuevo equipo es muy joven. Está formado por: Margarita Mamun, Anna Trubnikova, Maria Titova, Darya Svatkovskaya, Elizaveta Nazarenkova y Alexandra Merkulova.

El nuevo equipo es muy joven. Está formado por: Margarita Mamun, Anna Trubnikova, Maria Titova, Darya Svatkovskaya, Elizaveta Nazarenkova y Alexandra Merkulova.

Otras gimnastas individuales que competirán representando a Rusia en diversas competiciones internacionales serán: Yana Kudryavtseva, Diana Borisova, Natalya Bulycheva (Bulychyova), Yulia Sinitsina (Moscú), Ekaterina Selezneva (Seleznyova) de Pushkino, Ekaterina Chukalina (Dmitrov), entre otras.

Nuevas entrenadoras

Las nuevas entrenadoras que se unen al equipo son Oksana Skaldina y Dinara Gimatova.