A gala is an exhibition out of competition. It can be a dance or a special performance. These are one of the most original galas this year:

Russian gymnast, Margarita Mamun performing an amazing gala. Her dress emulates a poppy.

One of the most charming gala is this one by Anna Rizatdinova, “Summertime Sadness” by the American singer, Lana del Rey. She is performing this gala since last year.

Ukrainian gymnast performed an original show for World Championships opening ceremony with live music. Anna Bessonova and Oto Nemsazde.

Elegance and originality are the words for describing this beautiful gala by Alina Maksymenko using Adele’s soundtrack “Lovesong”.

Groups also can perform galas. This year, at LG Whisen All Stars Gala, some former gymnasts from Olympic Italian Group danced an emotional Gala.

“Charlie Chaplin” gala by Lala Yusifova was maybe the most original exercise of this year.