Happy Birthday Melitina Staniouta!!

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Melitina is one of the most successful Belarusian Gymnasts and the great-granddaughter of Belarusian actress Stefaniya Staniouta. Melitina Staniouta finished 5th in Rio Olympic Games overall after a drop in her clubs routine, which pushed her away of podium.

She was born in 15 November 1993 in Minsk, Belarus.  She is also a three-time (2015, 2013 and 2010) World all-around bronze medalist, and the 2014 All-Around European Champion.



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Interview to Melitina Staniouta for “SportTime”

Belarusian champion, Melitina Staniouta and her teammate Ekaterina (Katsiaryna) Halkina gave an interview for sportsmagazine “SportTime”. Both will compete this summer in Olympic Games in Rio.

I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans

“The more days left to Olympics, the more I think about it. Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence. It is worth it: nerves and tears. In the Village, you could meet people from many different countries: Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, France… But for the moment, Russia is the leader”

Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence

“Now I am 22 years old. I am trying to have different routines. In adition, I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans.”


Source: “SportTime Magazine”  Photo Copyright: Melitina Staniouta for SportTime Magazine


Emotions in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is more than a sport.  Is an art that combines technical movements with expression and handling of an apparatus. This new code includes dancing steps and  artistic more than the previous codes.

Anna Bessonova

Anna Bessonova

Anna Bessonova was one of the most emotional gymnast and so that one of the most popular for the audience. She could perform both an elegant routine (Swan Lake) or a modern one (The Matrix).

Sometimes you can’t stop your feelings:


Anna Bessonova could’t believe she was World Champion (Patras 2007)
Photo Copyright Bernd Thierolf


Team Ukraine became World Champion in 5 Ribbons (World Championships New Orleans 2002)

And sometimes you just are not at your best:


Natalia Godunko got injured but she decided anyways to compete (Patras 2007)

Moments before going onto the carpet, concentration is the key:


Anna Rizatdinova (Kiev World Championships 2013)

But the routine didn’t go as it was expected…


Anna Rizatdinova (World Championships Kiev 2013)

Coach and gymnast:


Margarita Mamun and her coach Amina Zaripova

A medal is your highest achievement:


Anastasiya Bliznyuk (World Championships Kiev 2013)


Alina Maksymenko (European Championships Minsk 2011)


Alina Maksymenko (World Championships Kiev 2013)

When you have to say “thank you” to the audience and their unconditional support:


Uliyana Trofimova (Grand Prix Thiais 2012)
Photo Copyright Olivier Aubrais

The moment after the routine when you can relax and smile:

Melitina Staniouta (World Championships Kiev 2013)

Friendship in Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Almudena Cid and Inna Zhukova (Olympic Games 2008)