FIG Athlete’s representative

Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)

The FIG recently confirmed the list of candidatures for the athletes’ representative. The elections, will be held during World Championships in Japan for the next week.

The athletes’ representatives are elected by their fellow gymnasts. The voting system is stated in the FIG Statues, which is the same one as for the election of the President. The name of the elected gymnast will be announced at the athletes’s meeting during World Championships. They will be the representatives from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025.

The gymnasts looking forward this election are:

  • Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)
  • Nicole Ruprecht (AUT)
  • Siyana Vasilieva (AZE)
  • Salome Pazhava (GEO)
  • Neviana Vladinova (BUL)
  • Jessica Maier (BRA)
Neviana Vladinova (BUL)

Neviana Vladinova is a former Bulgarian Champion, qualified 7th in Olympic Games Rio 2016 and bronze medallist at World Championships. Neviana retired from competition in November 2020 due to a neck injury. She is now a vice president of the Bulgarian gymnastics Federation. She appeared in international junior competitions in 2006 and began competing as a senior in 2011 season.

“Your problems will be my problems aswell. I will be your voice”

Neviana Vladinova
Salome Pazhava (GEO)

Salome Pazhava made history in Georgia, becoming the second most successful gymnast in her country. She finished 4th in World Championships 2015 in Stuttgart. She qualified for Olympic Games in Tokyo. She already finished this year her sports career. Salome is currently the Vice-President of the Georgian National Gymnastic Federation in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

I will protect your rights. I will do my best to create equality.

Salome Pazhava
Nicol Ruprecht

Nicol Ruprecht is Austria’s most successful gymnast. She has competed in numerous World Cup and Grand Prix series. This year, after European Championships in Varna, where she became 29th . She announced her retirement in June 2021.

It is very important for me to be for all of you and speak for all of you

Nicol Ruprecht
Jessica Maier (BRA)

Jessica Maier is a Brazilian former group gymnasts. She represented her nation at international competitions and was one of the top successful gymnasts at Pan American Games 2015, 2018 and South American Games in 2011 and 2018.

If I could define in one word why you should elect me, the word would be “connection”

Jessica Maier (BRA)
Siyana Vasilieva

Siyana Vasileva is a former gymnast from Bulgaria that competed for Azerbaijan. Currently she is the coach of the National Senior Group of Azerbaijan. She was medallist at multiple World Cup Series. She was the captain of AZE group since 2011. She is in the 4th year of her Bachellor’s degree of Psychology

I know how to help gymnasts to achieve their goals

Siyana Vasileva
Valeriya Yuzvyak (UKR)

Valeriya Yuzvyak is a former group gymnast from Ukraine, who was recently diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer. This type of sarcoma made up of cells that normally develop into skeletal (voluntary) muscles. She received a succesfull treatment in Germany and now she wants to become an Athelets’ representative. She is European and World Medallist.

With me, the voice of the gymnasts could be heard loud and clear

Valeryia Yuzvyak (UKR)