Grand Prix Thiais 2022 is cancelled

Anastasiia Guzenkova (RUS) at GP Thiais

Grand Prix Thiais is already a historic tournament in gymnastics tradition for more than twenty years.

This Grand Prix series competition is held in Thiais, close to Paris (France).

Last year, the situation of the Coronavirus virus – COVID 19 in France leaded the Organizing Committee to cancel the 34th edition of the Internationaux de Thiais in view of the risks that this could cause the foreign delegations taking part and the public many who attend the event.

This year, the organizing Committe and GP director, Jose de Freitas, decided to cancel 2022 edition because of the health risks:

Until the last few days, the Organizing Committee of the Internationaux de Thiais (COMSE) has worked to ensure that the 34th edition of the Internationaux de Thiais, postponed for two years, is held at the end of March.

Until the end, we hoped that the health situation, which had begun to improve in recent months, would stabilize or even progress favorably.

Unfortunately, the indicators we have are not the most optimistic.

Inescapable constraints weigh on the organization of our tournament due to the circulation of the virus. We cannot reasonably commit ourselves to ensuring that the Grand Prix takes place as the uncertainties are numerous and the necessary adaptations strong.

Dina Averina (RUS)

Unanimously of its members, the Organizing Committee has therefore decided to postpone the organization of the Thiais Grand Prix to 2023.

Aware of the disappointment that our decision may cause for the loyal public and all foreign delegations, we could not decently do otherwise.

This decision, which is difficult to make, is in our opinion the most reasonable possible so that we can come-back soon, faster and stronger.

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

We hope that next year, this pandemic will be no more than a bad and distant memory and that you will once again place your trust in us by coming to attend this magnificent high-level competition.

Information about Grand Prix Thiais 2018



The 3rd stage of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Series takes place in Thiais France on 23rd and 24th of March. This GP is already a legend in gymnastics tradition since it reaches its 32nd  edition.

Grand Prix Thiais is a legendary Grand Prix series competition held in Thiais, close to Paris (France).

Grand Prix Seniors

The gymnasts invited to participate in the qualifications will perform routines according to the following program:

> Hoop
> Ball
> Clubs
> Ribbon

Only the first 8 gymnasts (of each apparatus) will participate in the finals on Sunday afternoon.


The invited groups in 2018 will perform – in accordance with the FIG rules – two differrent routines:

5 hoops

3 balls – 2 ropes

Already 18 countries from all around the world are confirmed.

Grand Prix Series 2018:

  • Grand Prix Moscow (Russia)
  • Grand Prix Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Grand Prix Thiais (France)
  • Grand Prix Marbella (Spain) *change of dates to October
  • Grand Prix Holon (Israel)
  • Grand Prix Brno (Czech Republic)
  • Grand Prix Eilat (Israel)

Grand Prix Thiais is a legendary Grand Prix series competition held in Thiais, close to Paris (France)



Grand Prix Thiais 2017 Finals Results


Dina Averina (RUS)

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Hoop Final

1. Dina Averina – RUS – 19,35
2. Iuliia Bravikova – RUS – 19,15
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva – FRA – 18,3
4. Katsiaryne Halkina – BLR – 17,65
5. Viktoriia Mazur – UKR – 17,45
6. Nicol Zelikman – ISR – 17,25
7. Alina Harnasko – BLR – 16,9
8. Camilla Feeley – USA – 16,56



Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)

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Ball Final
1. Dina Averina – RUS – 18,9
2. Viktoriia Mazur – UKR – 18,65
3. Iuliia Bravikova – RUS – 17,55
4. Alina Harnasko – BLR – 16,9
5. Axelle Jovenin – FRA – 16
6. Katsiaryne Halkina – BLR – 15,9
7. Alessia Russo – ITA – 15,35
8. Sara Llana – ESP – 13,55


5 Hoops Final
1. Azerbaïdjan 18,6
2. Italie 18,55
3. Etats-Unis 16,35
4. Ukraine 16,15
5. Pologne 15,8
6. Finlande 14,1
7. France 13,2
8. Canada 12,85


Viktoriia Mazur (UKR)

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Clubs Final
1. Dina Averina – RUS – 19,4
2. Iuliia Bravikova – RUS – 18,3
3. Alina Harnasko – BLR – 18,2
4. Katsiaryne Halkina – BLR – 17,8
5. Kseniya Moustafaeva – FRA – 16,75
6. Nicol Zelikman – ISR – 16,7
7. Camilla Feeley – USA – 15,7
8. Viktoriia Mazur – UKR – 14,5

Ribbon Final
1. Iuliia Bravikova – RUS – 18,55
2. Dina Averina – RUS – 17,6
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva – FRA – 17,05
4. Erika Zafirova – BUL – 16,5
5. Nicol Zelikman – ISR – 16,05
6. Camilla Feeley – USA – 16,05
7. Alessia Russo – ITA – 15,95
8. Katsiaryna Halkina – BLR – 15,8


Ropes and Balls Final
1. Azerbaïdjan 18,65
2. Italie 17,9
3. Ukraine 17,7
4. Espagne 16,25
5. Finlande 16,2
6. Etats-Unis 15,5
7. Hongrie 13,2
8. France 12,85

2nd day Trainings Grand Prix Thiais II

Russian team was the big expectation for today. Whole team was there. For individuals: Margarita Mamun, Darya Svatkovskaya, Maria Titova and Alexandra Merkulova.  Group: Anastasiya Nazarenko, Anastasiya Maximova, Olga Ilina, Alina Makarenko and Kseniya Dudkina. Anastasiya Bliznyuk is injured.


Team Russia in “C” and “D” carpets, warming up

Alina Makarenko is suffering from an injury too, she wasn’t repeating some elements of the routine (not flexibility elements, neither turns).

The coaches who were there: Dinara Gimatova, Natalia Lipkovskaya, Amina Zaripova, Lyudmila Dmitrova and Oksana Skaldina. Oleg Naumov (photographer) and Irina Zenovka (choreographer) are in Thiais aswell.

Irina Viner, head coach of Russian team, was the one who directed Russian training.

Irina Viner, head coach of Russian team, was the one who directed Russian training.

Ukraine has a new component for the group: Viktoria Shynkarenko, who only performs in the 3 balls 2 ribbon routine. Whole team was wearing a tight pink fluor t-shirt. As assistant coach Viktoria Bessonova was also there. Viktoriya Mazur was cheerful and smiley whole time. In the other hand, Alina Maksymenko was wearing a protection bandage on her ankle.

Arina Charopa

Arina Charopa (BLR) in the warming up area

As how we announced here, Spain has two new members for the group: Artemi Gavezou Castro ( 10 clubs routine) and Marina Fernández Moreno (2 ribbons and 3 balls routine). Loreto Achaerandio, was also there, she is still recovering from a surgery. For 10 clubs routine, Spanish coaches (Sara Bayón and Anna Baranova) chose a passionate spanish music. Spanish team seemed to be really confident, they are one of the candidates for podium.


Spanish team posing after trainings

From left to right: Lourdes Mohedano and Sandra Aguilar. Behind: Artemi Gavezou, Marina Fernández, Alejandra Quereda, Loreto Achaerandio. 

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Azerbaijan has two very good individuals these season: Marina Durunda and Lala Yusifova. Lala performed a great ball routine.

Caroline Webber was one of the last gymnasts that performed today besides Verónica Bertolini and Neta Rivkin. Neta is very fit.

Versión en español

El equipo ruso era hoy una de las grandes expectaciones de la jornada. Todo el equipo estuvo en Thiais. En individuales: Margarita Mamun, Darya Svatkovskaya, Maria Titova y Alexandra Merkulova.  Conjunto: Anastasiya Nazarenko, Anastasiya Maximova, Olga Ilina, Alina Makarenko y Kseniya Dudkina. Anastasiya Bliznyuk está lesionada.

Alina Makarenko está semi lesionada, por ello no realizó muchos elementos de flexibilidad y giros durante los entrenamientos.

Hoy no fue el mejor día para Maria Titova, la cual salió triste de la sala de calentamiento tras fallar repetidamente en el ejercicio de aro.

Hoy no fue el mejor día para Maria Titova, la cual salió triste de la sala de calentamiento tras fallar repetidamente en el ejercicio de aro.

Las entrenadoras que estaban allí eran: Dinara Gimatova, Natalia Lipkovskaya, AminaZaripova, Lyudmila Dmitrova y Oksana Skaldina. Oleg Naumov (fotógrafo) e Irina Zenovka (coreógrafa) se encontraban allí asímismo.

Irina Viner acudió también a Thiais y fue la encargada de dirigir todos los entrenamientos de su equipo.

Ucrania tiene una nueva componente en el conjunto: Viktoria Shynkarenko. Viktoria sólo actúa en el ejercicio mixto de 3 pelotas y 2 cintas. Todo el equipo ucraniano vestía una camiseta color rosa flúor. La madre de Anna Bessonova, estaba también en los entrenamientos como asistente. Viktoriya Mazur no paró de sonreír en todo momento. Por otra parte, Alina Maksymenko llevaba un vendaje protector en uno de sus tobillos y tuvo dificultades en el ejercicio de cinta.

Como se había anunciado en, España tiene dos nuevas componentes en el conjunto: Artemi Gavezou Castro (10 mazas) y Marina Fernández Moreno (ejercicio mixto). Todas las españolas iban uniformadas con una camiseta en donde estaba grabado su nombre y calentadores rojos. Loreto Achaerandio, pese a estar recuperándose de una cirugía, acudió pero sin actuar. El conjunto español estaba muy seguro de sí mismo y son unas de las candidatas para el podium. Como es tradición, uno de los ejercicios tiene música española, esta vez el elegido ha sido el ejercicio de 10 mazas.

Azerbayán tiene este año un equipo muy completo al mando de Mariana Vasileva: Marina Durunda y Lala Yusifova. Lala fue muy regular en todos sus ejercicios.

Caroline Weber, se convierte en la gimnasta más veterana del momento, la cual entrenó a las últimas horas junto con Veróniva Bertolini y Neta Rivkin, la cual está en plena forma.