World Championships Stuttgart 2015: Videos

Stuttgart gymnastics

Eleonora Romanova UKR Ribbon Training


Viktoriya Mazur UKR Clubs Training


Anna Rizatdinova UKR Hoop Training


Margarita Mamun RUS Ball Training


Laura Jung GER Hoop Training


Margarita Mamun RUS Clubs Training


Yana Kudryavtseva RUS Ball Training


Neta Rivkin ISR Ribbon Training



Two International judges have been suspended for partisan judging.


Two FIG judges have been suspended from three and six months in FIG and international competitions for having favored a gymnast. These judges are from Azerbaijan and Italy. Other three judges have been also warned.

“Any judge who fails to act in this manner damages the image of Gymnastics both in the eyes of the public and, also importantly, in the eyes of the gymnasts, coaches and other judges upon whose continuing participation the sport of Gymnastics and therefore the future of the FIG itself is dependent.”

This judges work at several competitions, including Youth Olympic Games and World Championships in Izmir. FIG has already pronounced sanctions against them.


World Championships Stuttgart 2015: Multimedia

Viktoria mazur

Viktoriya Mazur UKR

 World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


Margarita Mamun RUS

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)

Salome pazhava

Salome Pazhava GEO

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


Anna Rizatdinova UKR

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


Jouki Tikkanen FIN

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)

Natalia gaudio

Natalia Gaudio BRA

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


Elizaveta Nazarenkova UZB

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


Group UKR

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)

Natalia garcia

Natalia García ESP

World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)

Ekaterina volkova

Ekaterina Volkova FIN

 World Championships Stuttgart 2015 (GER)


World Championships Stuttgart 2015: Trainings

Stuttgart gymnastics

Today was the first day of Official Trainings in Stuttgart. Most delegations arrived to Germany yesterday. Fifty-eight National Federations will be represented, of which 37 are European.

Russian individual gymnasts Yana Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun and Aleksandra Soldatova headline an impressive field at the 34th World Championships. This is not the first time that Yana Kudryavtseva visited the country. She was in Munich a few weeks ago, where the orthopaedics doctor, recommended Yana to stop doing sport for a period of six weeks due to her leg injury.

Since Yana is injured, we are focusing on team competition, said Yana’s coach

Meanwhile, Alexandra Soldatova performed in podium trainings her ribbon, hoop and clubs routine (she was suposed to compete with two of them). Margarita Mamun was regular throughout the day.

It was not a good day for team Ukraine (senior individual) Anna Rizatdinova, Viktoriya Mazur and Eleonora Romanova. Anna Rizatdinova made several mistakes (she even cried). She is the head gymnast of the team.

Bulgarian team (Mateva, Vladinova, Stoykova) showed off their original routines. Vladinova made no obvious mistakes.

Team Spain (Carolina Rodríguez, Polina Berezina, Sara Llana and Natalia García). Carolina is back to her good shape while Natalia García made a few mistakes.


Margarita Mamun (RUS)

These World Championships are extremely important as it is the first qualifying stage for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Individuals who ranked 1st to 15th earn the right for their Federation to send a gymnast to Olympic Games. There is a maximum of 2 places per country. Gymnasts placing 16th through to 38th are invited to compete at the test event (PreOlympic) in Rio in April 2016 where the top 6 will qualify for the Olympics. Up to three additional gymnasts could go to Rio if they hail from continents who have not already qualified a gymnast to the Olympic Games. Groups ranking 1st to 10th in the all-around will advance automatically to Rio. Places 11 to 16 will have to compete in the test event where the top three groups will also get a ticket to the Games.

Additionally, these Worlds also are a qualifier to the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.



Sara Llana (ESP)


World Championships Stuttgart 2015: Information


Margarita Mamun (RUS)

World Championships is the most important date of this preolympic year. It will be held in Stuttgart from the 7th to the 13th of September both individual and groups.

The first fifteen gymnasts and 8 groups will qualify to Olympic Games in Rio. The second opportunity to qualify will be next year at the PreOlympic Games.

Drawing of Lots







Team Ukraine before European Games



Viktoriya Mazur UKR

Team Ukraine is really looking forward the first European Games thar are going to be held in Baku this month.

“We would like to compete well and make our flag raise. We are working very hard for it. Coaches are trying also to correct all of our mistakes”

Our motto is “the main thing is to always believe”

Last weekend, the whole team had a control training looking forward European Games. The gymnasts that will represent Ukraine in European Games are:

– Anna RIZATDINOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Eleonora ROMANOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Yevgeniya GOMON – group Senior Gymnast

– Alena DMITRASH – group Senior Gymnast

– Viktoriya MAZUR – group Senior Gymnast

– Aleksandra GRIDASOVA – group Senior Gymnast

– Valeriya GUDYM – group Senior Gymnast

– Anastasiya VOZNYAK – group Senior Gymnast



Yevgeniya Gomon UKR

“We would like to say thank you to all fans that support us, without them we would not be able to do all these. We would want the whole Ukraine to join us on the way to the First European Games .”



Eleonora Romanova UKR


Anna Rizatdinova UKR

Source: Ukranian Gymnastics Federation


Interview to Margarita Mamun before Europen Games




Russian European and World Champion, Margarita Mamun, talks about her sports career.

Margarita, how is your preparation to European Games going?

– I’ve just come back from Berlin Grand Prix and I am really happy since I got 4 first positions. My ribbon routine was the only which I didn’t get a medal. Right now, we have a really short break and then we work out for the European Games.

Your teammate Yana Kudryatseva couldn’t attend to Berlin Grand Prix due to exams. What about you?

– Yana is passing exams to attend to University next year. I did these exams two years ago, that’s why I could compete at Universiade in Kazan. I am sure Yana will get good scores so that she could join National University.

Do you talk to other gymnasts during competitions

– I try to be in touch with other gymnasts who speak Russian Language via social networks. I have to say that I speak a lot with Neta Rivkin from Israel.

– How is your daily routine?

– I wake up and then I got ready while I listen to music. If we are in a competition, we go for a walk after it if we can.

– How is the audience from Azerbaijan?

– They are always very nice with us, as I can remember from European Championships in Baku in 2014. I hope it is the same for European Games.

– Yana Kudryatseva is a very good friend of you. How is your relationship during competitions?

– We are fighting for our country: Russia. But I have to say that I remember when Yana’s ribbon music suddenly stop playing at World Championships in Kiev, I started to cry.

– Will your routines have changes this year?

– Irina Zenovka, our choreographer chose a music of Scorpions for my new routine, that will be seen in World Championships in September. I will also have a new leotard.