Information about Grand Prix Thiais 2016


26th of March
14:00 Senior Individuals Group A All-Around
16 h 00 Pause
16 h 30 Senior Individuals Group B All-Around
18 h 30 Individuals Medal Ceremony
19 h 30 Groups All-Around (group A)
20 h 15 Pause
20 h 45 Groups All-Around (group B)
21 h 30 Groups Medal Ceremony

27th of March
13 h 45 Hoop and Ball, 5 ribbons Final
14 h 50 Pause
15 h 20 Clubs and Ribbon, Clubs+Hoops Final
16 h 25 Medals Ceremony
16 h 50 Gala


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Gymnast of the week: Karla Díaz Arnal


Rhythmic Gymnastics leotards are one of the most attractive side of this sport.Each leotard is exclusively designed, made and crafted for the gymnast. They are all handmade and could cost around 1000 € each or even more, depending of the number of Swarovski stones that it has. This crystal reflects with the light, creating and illusion.

Karla Díaz Arnal from Mexico is one of the gymnasts that will fight for a place to compete in Rio Olympic Games. Karla talked about her leotards:

“My mum helps me a lot. She loves to design and sew my rhythmic gymnastics leotards. Only once I bought a pair of leotards from Belarus, which in fact, were really beautiful. But the ones that I really like are the ones from my mum, because they are made with feelings.”

“Fortunatly, my leotards are not that expensive (Russian ones cost around 3000€) since my mum works on them. This made them so special for me. She has the inspiration in other leotards and of course, the music.”


Karla Díaz Arnal, World Championships Stuttgar 2015

“First of all, I choose the music, depending on the apparatus. The music inspires the colours of the leotard.”

Karla’s mum is so proud of her “I remember when she was only 9 years old. I asked her: “where was your happiest day of your life?” . I was expecting her answer would be “My birthday, Santa’s…”. But she answered me: “The happiest day of my life is when I am in competitons”. I realized that was what she wanted and of course, I support her on this decision”.



Ljubljana International Tournament Results



Russian Grace, Margarita Mamun, leads All-Around Qualifications at Ljubljana Slovenian Challenge. Rita, who was these days with Russian National team training in Israel is not competing next week at Lisbon (World Cup Series). Her brand new routines shine today, especially ribbon, using main soundtrack from Tchaikovsky’s Black Swan OST.

Second position was for Melitina Staniouta, who had a bandage all around her ankle joint.

Third position went for a young rising star from Israel, Linoy Ashram and fourth for Carolina Rodríguez (Spain)

All-Around Results:



Eleonora Romanova could compete for Russia



Ukrainian gymnast, Eleonora Romanova could change her citizenship and compete under Russian flag, as confirms. Elya didn’t compete with team Ukraine in the beggining of the season. We couldn’t see her at L.A. Lights, Miss Valentine or Ukrainian Championships. Some other rumours say that Romanova is injured. According to this website, Eleonora could soon compete representing Russia.

This weekend the first stage of Ukranian Championships were held in Uzhgorod. Anna Rizatdinova won gold medal while Viktoriya Mazur was second and, Anastasiya Mulmina third.

Ukrainian RG Federation spoke about this situation: “To sum up : Eleonora Romanova was staying with her parents in Krasnodon (region of Lugansk) after New Year and the coaches of the National team have been shocked to find out of her presence in Russia. Currently, neither the gymnast nor her parents have reached out to Ukrainian RG Federation and never informed the Federation of the wish to change citizenship. However, we are aware that she was seen in Moscow. Eleonora Romanova has been financed in full by the government of Ukraine and sponsorship during all the years of her stay in National team. Normally the preparation of an athlete of such a high level costs approximately 2-5 mln. USD.”

Ukrainian RG also said in their website: “Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine respects the rights of any person , including the athlete’s right to freedom of expression in accordance with the sports law . However, if you make this decision contributed to certain circumstances , which do not comply with the principles of the Olympic Code , then, of course , Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation for its part will undertake certain legal actions in full compliance with the principles of international sports law.”



Grand Prix Moscow 2016: Press Conference

Next weekend Moscow will host the first Grand Prix Series of the Olympic Year. Irina Viner-Usmanova, President of Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and Headcoach of National team confirmed some news in this interview.

Russian Yana Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun, Aleksandra Soldatova, Dina and Arina Averina, Senior Group, coaches and Russian Team choreographer were in this interview.

First of all, as Irina Viner-Usmanova said, Yana Kudryavtseva is not participating at Moscow Grand Prix. Yana is still recovering from her ankle injury and it is not safe for her to stress her joint that soon. On the other hand, Margarita Mamun who is ready, after an injury that prevent her to compete in Russian Championships in Kazan, is going to compete in Moscow . The first competition for Yana will be in Espoo (World Cup) or in Thiais (Grand Prix).

About Senior Group, they will have 2 really difficult routines, as they had in London 2012. Olympic Champion Anastasiya Bliznyuk was in this press conference as a member of the Senior Group.

Margarita Mamun has 4 new routines, which are really different from one to each other. She’s the top favorite for gold in Moscow. Aleksandra Soldatova, is competing in Moscow aswell, but as her coach said “she still has to improve”

The gymnasts will perform their routines on a scaffold, like they did in Montpellier World Championships in 2011. That’s why Irina Viner-Usmanova decided to build a similar one in Novogorks Training Center. More over, Russian Team will fly to Rio 17 days before Olympic Games start so that gymnasts will get used to weather conditions.



Miss Valentine 2016: Results



Viktoriya Mazur (UKR)- Photo by Kate Ianiuk

Miss Valentine Rhythmic and AGG Tournament begins today with UKR individuals leading the competition. Anna Rizatdinova, who is the favorite for gold medal, performed her new hoop routine with a top score of 18.500, the highest one for the moment.

Her teammate, Viktoriya Mazur is second for the moment and third, Aliya Protto from USA. Here are the provisional standings, after one day of competition:

Senior Individual