Aleksandra Soldatova had opened up about her disease


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)

Aleksandra Soldatova, Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics World and European champion has been interviewed by Russia Today about her long-lasting battle with an eating disorder. She recognised that she needed help against anxiety, that was caused by a rigorous weight control. This issue has seriously damaged her mental and physical health.

She realized that she had a serious problem when her thoughts were only about food. She even starved herself for several days.

“I was always out of energy and didn’t have the power to train. But I was afraid to admit that I had an eating problem,”


She became lonely and unsociable and she tried not to meet people at cafes or restaurants, since this implied eating. Then she realized that she was over the limit and has to tell her problem to her coaches, who managed to stop her bulimic behaviors.

There were recent reports led Soldatova to open up on her battle with bulimia for at least, two years, that has constantly affected her. She confirmed she told to her coaches that she was suffering from this disease in summer of 2018. Anna Dyachenko, her coach, talked to her for up to three hours.

The alarms lighted up when in September of last year, Soldatova lost consciousness at a World Cup event in Portugal, leading to her being left out of the Russian team for that month’s World Championships. She confirmed that she ate alone and went everywhere alone, ignoring what was going on with her while her health condition was getting worse.

“I still has nightmares in which I gain weight, which remains a fear.”

Soldatova said she is taking a career break and not in a rush with her treatment, acknowledging that “professional sports and bulimia are not compatible, especially when you need to prepare for the Olympic Games.”

                                                                                                                      Source: Russia Today



Information about Euskalgym Rhythmic Gymnastics Gala 2019


Euskalgym is a unique show held in Bilbao, Dpain where the best gymnasts in the world are reunited for a magic spectacle. It is a tribute to gymnastics, designed for the delight of fans of this sport, elevated to the art category. Euskalgym is a massive event for the public to enjoy discovering the spectacular nature of gymnastics.

The event is held on BEC Arena, a huge exhibition area in Barakaldo which can seat up to 20.000 people.

Euskalgym started 14 years back in Basque Country, Spain as a small event for local gymnasts. In the last edition in 2018, more than 8300 spectactors crowded BEC Arena. This year, more than 6000 tickets were sold out in less than four hours. Curretly, tickets are sold out.

Save the date! 16th of November 2019 at BEC Arena, Bilbao.


Current World All-Around Champion, Dina Averina


Dina Averina (RUS)

World Champion in Ribbon in 2017, Aleksandra Soldatova


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)

Bronze medallist in European Championships 2018, Katsiaryna Halkina


Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR)

Current Vice World Champion, Arina Averina


Arina Averina (RUS)


Current World Championships Bronze in All-Around Competition Medallist, Linoy Ashram


Linoy Ashram

Current World Champion in Hoop, Ekaterina Selezneva


Ekaterina Selezneva (RUS)

Current Junior World Champion, Lala Kramarenko


Lala Kramarenko (RUS)

Current World Bronze Medallist in ball and ribbon, Boryana Kaleyn

Boryana Kaleyn

Boryana Kaleyn (BUL)

Ukrainian Senior National Team
Member, Honoured Master of Sports International Class, Yeva Meleshchuk

The Bulgarian “Golden Girls” Senior Bulgarian Team


Current World Team Bronze Medallist, Anastasiia Salos and Alina Harnasko


Alina Harnasko (BLR)


Anastasiia Salos (BLR)

10 Facts about Aleksandra Soldatova


Aleksandra Soldatova is one of the most beloved gymnast of the world by the audience. Would you like to know some facts about her?


“My idols are Alina Kabaeva and Aleksei Nemov”
Both are Russian gymnastics star: Alina is currently a politician and Nemov has his own gymnastics show.


Aleksandra broke two teeth during trainings last week because of a club.

Sasha Soldatova

She would choose a landscape as a holiday place. She loves the nature.


She respects Dina and Arina Averina and thinks they are both very strong gymnasts.


Sasha loves animals and, in fact, she lives with a cat.

Aleksandra Soldatova

She shares a room in Novogorsk with Olympic Champion in 2016 in group, Vera Biryukova.

Alexandra Soldatova

She really appreciates her relationship with her coach, Anna Dyachenko (Shumilova).


She is one of the Under Armour sports brand ambassadors in Russia.



At the beggining of the season, she chose this black leotard for her hoop routine. Irina Viner advised her to choose another one instead of the black one since this was too dark.


She tries to eat really healthy and avoids any kinds of fattening food and sweets, but she loves hot chocolate drink.

Interview to Aleksandra Soldatova


Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics senior team member, Aleksandra Soldatova, gave an exclusive interview to Russian TV after World Championships.

How do you feel after a good performance?

I have to say that of course when you perform a clean routine and so that you get a high score, that is such a good feeling. But also I know that isn’t still your limit. That is maybe one of the bests moments for a gymnast.

Do you usually cry during trainings?

I remember when I was a kid I used not to cry. At least I tried not to. Even if the coach shout to me. Right now it is kinda different. I usually cry because of my feelings, mostly happiness.

Alexandra Soldatova
Have you ever think in stop doing gymnastics?

There were a lot of moments that I thought to just give up. But then, I believe this is just a way to reach a medal.

Did you start doing gymnastics because of Rhythmic Gymnastics Stars?

When I started doing gymnastics I didn’t know Kabaeva, Kanaeva… I just liked gymnastics and that’s why I focused on it. I even wasn’t interested in Olympic Games or World Championships.

How did you met Anna Dyachenko (Shumilova)?

I don’t remember clearly. But I got close to her really soon and, then, I understood how a great person and coach she is. I respect her a lot.

What would you say to those who have you to stop doing gymnastics?

That words make me feel mad at them. Of course gymnasts have a lot of injuries and suffer from pain. But I feel that I have to do something for this sport.

How is Irina Alexandrovna Viner as a coach?

Without her I could not have any medals. When I am training even over 10 hours a day, of course I feel really tired. But I am thankful to her because she helps me a lot. Instead of thinking “I am exhausted” I think, “Thank you Irina Alexandrova for spending this time with me”.

Could you describe how was this last year for you?

Extremely hard. I injured my leg. It was such a long recovery. I also missed European Championships. I was quite sure I was going to this event. I had to say that before I got injured, I performed my routines as clean as I could. I was ready for EC. I remember how I start feeling the pain in my leg during leaps. Then the doctors realized my leg was broken. Once I knew that, I started crying. I think I will regret of not going to EC the rest of my life…

Aleksandra Soldatova

Aleksandra Soldatova, awarded by Longines “Prize for Elegance”



FIG Official Partner, Longines, awarded Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS) with “Prize for Elegance” last friday evening in Sofia.

Longines awarded with this prize for more than 20 years. Almudena Cid, Margarita Mamun, Yana Kudryavtseva, Daria Kondakova, Anna Rizatdinova, Alexandra Agiurgiuculese are some of the gymnasts that were recognized with this award.

The prize is given to the most remarkable grace and elegance course of All-Around individual final in World Championships.

This year’s jury was composed of Walter von Kaenel, President of Longines, FIG President Morinari Watanabe, Maria Petrova, 2018 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships Ambassador and Dmitri Dmitriev, Longines Regional Sales Manager for Bulgaria.

Soldatova recieved an exclusive timepiece as well as a bank check.


Aleksandra Soldatova

Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships Budapest 2017 Qualification (Friday 19th May) Photos


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)


Olena Dyachenko (UKR)

Natalia Garcia

Natalia García (ESP)

Dina Averina-001.JPG

Dina Averina (RUS)


Aleksandra Soldatova (RUS)


Natalia Garcia (ESP)


Olena Dyachenko (UKR)

Dina Averina (2).JPG

Dina Averina (RUS)


Natalia García (ESP)


Olena Diachenko (UKR)


Natalia Garcia (ESP)


Olena Dyachenko (UKR)

Aleksandra Soldatova: World Cup Guadalajara 2016


Aleksandra “Sasha” Soldatova was born in Pushkino, Russia, eighteen years ago. Sasha brought into international competitions since 2011. Her career is excellent: European Champion (Team) in 2012, Junior Russian Champion, European and World Champion with team.


In her early career, she moved close to Moscow and started training with Anna Shumilova (Dyachenko) in Dynamo Dmitrov. Over the last years, many Rhythmic Gymnastics Stars trained here such as Olympic Champion Alina Makarenko, World Champion Darya Kondakova or Master in Sports Adel Galina, Veronika Polyakova and Ekaterina Malygina.

These pictures were taken during World Cup Series in Guadalajara, Spain in June 2016. Spanish audience was crazy about Sasha and she was really glad to be in Spain.








Photographer Copyright Twitter @dani_foto



Aleksandra Soldatova Euskalgym 2015: Photos


Alexandra “Sasha” Soldatova is a Russian Rhythmic Gymnast coached by Anna Shumilova, former coach of Olympic Gymnast Alina Makarenko and World Champion Daria Kondakova.

Alexandra was junior European Champion in 2012. This year she became World Champion in All-Around Team competition together with teammates Yana Kudryatseva and Margarita Mamun.

These pictures were taking Euskalgym Gala 2015 in Vitoria, Spain. Soldatova was shocked about how crazy about her are her fans in Spain.