Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships Kiev 2020 Day 1 Results

Melaniia Tur (UKR)

Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships kicked off today in Kiev, Ukraine. Junior individual gymnasts qualified for finals with rope and ball. Only six senior groups took the carpet to perform their five balls routine. Azerbaijan, is leading by the moment the standings, surprising the audience with a black leotard without crystals. Israel is by now in second position and both Ukraine and Estonia scored 32000. Estonia is in third place due to the tie break rules.

In the junior event, 57 junior gymnasts are competing for qualifying in apparatus finals. The top scores are Karina Sydorak from Ukraine (21.500) in rope, Daria Atamanov from Israel (22.650) with ball and Polina Karina with ball from Ukraine.

Polina Karika (UKR)

Rope /Gymnasts Qualified for finals

1.            Karina Sydorak (UKR) 21.500

2.            Dina Agisheva (BLR) 21.350

3.            Eva Brezalieva (BUL) 21.100

4.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 20.175

5.            Lily Ramonatxo (FRA) 19.250

6.            Narmin Bayramova (AZE) 19.150

7.            Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN) 18.950

8.            Annaliese Dragan (ROU) 18.525

Karina Sydorak (UKR)

Ball/Gymnasts Qualified for finals

1.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 22.650

2.            Polina Karika (UKR) 22.650

3.            Yelyzaveta Zorkina (BLR) 22.375

4.            Stliana Nikolova (BUL) 21.925

5.            Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN) 21.300

6.            Alina Gozalova (AZE) 21.200

7.            Erika Dokutsajeva (EST) 20.075

8.            Lily Ramonatxo (FRA) 19.850

Daria Atamanov (ISR)

Senior Groups

5 balls

1.            Azerbaijan 34.600

2.            Israel 34.100

3.            Estonia 32.000

4.            Ukraine 32.000

5.            Turkey 31.900

6.            France 29.250

Alona Hillel (ISR)

Only six Senior Groups will participate in Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships

Due to the worldwide health crisis, many federations withdrawn from European Championships that are going to be held in Kiev, Ukraine in a few days. A group that was among the favorites was Belarus. Today, Belarusian Senior Group withdrawn from the list.

On the other hand, Bulgarian Senior group recently confirmed that they withdrawn from European Championships in Kiev from November 26 to 29 since a member of the team, Erika Zafirova, tested positive for coronavirus. Local news reported that the team will be on quarantine for ten days and they will not be able to train either compete.

Ukrainian Senior Group

This competition will not qualify for Olympic Games, as it was planned before the health crisis.

Due to the current Covid19 crisis all over Europe, FIG will be asked to inform the IOC that Olympic Qualification is not possible at European Championships this year. These organizations don’t want to pressure Federations to travel to an event since the current situation is not appropiate for such an important decision.

Several countries declined their participation in European Championships in Kiev

Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

A total of 27 federations were registered in entries at the end of October in this year’s European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics which will be held in Kiev (UKR) from 26 to 29 November.

Due to the health crisis situation all around the World, the Olympic qualification process was moved to next year’s event but these gymnasts are still offered the opportunity to compete.

The host nation, Ukraine, will be represented by Viktoriia Onopriienko and Vlada Nikolchenko.

Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)

The following countries in red colour in the list of nominative entries, are not going to compete at European Championships.

The last country that joined the list of non-participation was Italy.

Milena Baldasarri and Alexandra Agiurgiuculese (ITA)

Russia does not sign up for the 2020 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships


Viktoriia Onopriienko (UKR)

39 countries sign up for European Championships 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine. This means that close to 30 gymnast will compete in this event:

  • 44 Senior Individual Gymnasts
  • 17 Senior Groups
  • 138 Junior Individual Gymnasts

The surprising fact is that team Russia did not sign up for this event, that is scheduled from 26 to 29 November 2020 in Kiev. A final decision, due to the global health crisis, will be taken on 28 September.

European Championships of Kiev is a part of the Olympic Qualification Proccess.
Those Federations who did not qualify yet could register one gymnast in the senior individual all-around. These gymnasts will compete in separate rounds from the top 24 that qualified to the all-around final at last year’s Europeans in Baku (AZE).


Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR)