Natalia Godunko’s past in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Natalia Godunko is one of the most successful gymnasts from Ukraine among others such as Anna Bessonova. Godunko finished 5th in Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games : Ribbon 26.125, Clubs 26.375, Ball 25.800 and Hoop 25.500.

A week ago, Natalia confessed her experiences during her career as a gymnast.

“2007 was the most difficult year for me in sports. I injured my calf during World Championships in Patras. My coach have never believed in me. I could even say that preparation for Olympic Games were so tough. We were told that we needed to loose weight before Olympics. In my opinion, if we had a different psychological approach, we could have been more efficient. There was constant psychological pressure”.



“My experience at Olympic Games was awful. We couldn’t wait to the end of the Games. Because an athlete should be thrilled about going to an Olympiad. We counted the hours and seconds for the end of our performance. I think this is so wrong. ”

About Irina Deriugina

Irina Deriugina is the daughter of Albina Deriugina, owner of the biggest and the most popular school od Rhythmic Gymnastics in Ukraine.

“Really few people could deal with Irina Deriugina. Anna Bessonova wasn’t able to get ready with her at all. She was always with Albina. The only one who had a good relationship with Irina was Tamara Yerofeeva, World Champion in 2001. I can say that my relationship with Irina was just okay, I could be with Albina and Irina. They loved me but the preference was given to other gymnasts. I can’t say I didn’t feel some kind of love from Irina Deriugina.


Tamara Yerofeeva and Irina Deriugina (UKR)


Her friendship with Anna Bessonova

My best friend was Anna Bessonova. She was the number one in the team. Sometimes I could win competitions but she also accepted this situation. We could not have time for friends or boyfriends.


Anna Bessonova (UKR)

Source: Instagram