Interview to Natalia Garcia Timofeeva


Natalia García (ESP)

Natalia Garcia has been for 9 years one of the most important Rhythmic Gymnast in Spain and now, she is fighting for the qualification to Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. In April 2020, four individual gymnasts could have the chance to qualify to Olympics in four different World Cup Competitions. In addition, another European gymnast, could also qualify in the next European Championships in Kiev, Ukraine.

This is my last opportunity. In case I could compete in Tokyo, this would be for sure my last competition. I have been a gymnast for years and after Olympic Games is the best time to finish my career as a gymnast.

Natalia Garcia 3

Natalia García 8ESP)

“I train between six and eight hours a day: we go to the gym, we have ballet and stretching sessions and also we practice with hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs. For the next season our coach and I were focusing about a new clubs exercise, but we are also thinking about a new ribbon routine.”


Natalia Garcia

Natalia García (ESP)

She performs elements that are quite rare elements and this is because of her charisma. She wants to attract attention from the judges and of course, the audience. In 2017 she underwent surgery (hip injury) and she had to stop doing gymnast for almost a year.  Now she feels ready for the new season.


Natalia García (ESP)


Interview to Natalia García


Natalia garcia timofeeva

                      Photo by Alberto López

Natalia García Timofeeva is an individual senior gymnast from Spain. Right now she is the second gymnast of the team, just behind Carolina Rodríguez. Natalia is training in Sant Cugat (where Almudena Cid did) with her coaches Toni and Iratxe since she was 9 years old.

“Almudena Cid is an icon for me. When they invited me to train with her I didn’t realize how great she was”

Natalia García was a star during last World Cup that was held in Guadalajara, Spain:

“When I compete in Spain I feel that I really need to do it well. It is difficult to deal with the tension. My execution is mechanic. I don’t need to think. If I think in a different thing, then it is when the error comes.”

“How can I describe myself? I think that I am a different gymnast. I can say that my elements are quite rare and this is because of my charisma. I want to attract attention from the judges and of course, the audience.”


Interview to Natalia García Timofeeva: Izmir 2014

Spanish successful gymnast, Natalia García, will represent her country with Carolina Rodríguez and Sara Llana. Natalia will compete from Monday to Thursday with 4 apparatus, one each day. She also is fighting to become one of the 24 top gymnast of the world.

“This season for me was not easy because I suffered from an injury at the beggining of the season that made me slow down my preparation. Right now, I feel very confident. I tried to do a smart training: short but efficient.”


“My main goal for this Championships is to place in top 24. I know this is not easy, because this year I am not as fit as I was last year, but I think I can made it”

“Last year was not easy for me: I had no sponsors at all and my family paid me the costs of the competitions. This year fortunatly the Federarion is helping me and I could find sponsors”

“I think I am a different gymnast. I do have flexibility but pivots are not my best elements. But my expresion, originalities and handling is good and I can do elements that no ody else is doing at this moment”

“After this World Championships I would like to rest, since I was training hard the whole summer. But my dream would become an Olympic Gymnast in Rio 2016”


Countdown to Thiais GP


Tomorrow delegations will have arrived to Thiais, Paris (France). Thiais is the 3rd Grand Prix of the year:

1. MOSCOW  : 27th February to 4th of March 2013
2. HOLON : 7 th to 11th of March 2013
3. THIAIS  : 30th and 31st of March 2013
4. BRNO  : 5th to 7th October 2013
5. BERLIN : 18th to 21th October 2013 – Final



  • Austria: Caroline WEBER
  • Australia: Danielle PRINCE
  • Azerbaijan: Marina DURUNDA, Lala YUSIFOVA
  • Belarus: Arina CHAROPA, Melitina STANIOUTA
  • Belgium: Elisabeth DE LEEUW
  • Bulgaria: Sylviya MITEVA
  • Canada Patricia BEZZOUBENKO
  • China: Senyue DENG
  • France: Melisande BECKMAN, Ambre CHABOUD, Lucille CHALOPIN, Kseniya MOUSTAFAEVA
  • Greece: Varvara FILIOU
  • Hungary: Dora VASS
  • Israel: Neta RIVKIN
  • Italia: Veronica BERTOLINI
  • Kazakhstan: Viktoriya GORBUNOVA
  • Letonia: Jelizaveta GAMALEJEVA
  • Uzbekistan: Mayya FILIPPOVA
  • Poland: Anna CZARNIEKA
  • Czech Republic:  Nataly HAMRICKOVA
  • Romania: Anton ANDRADA
  • Russia: Margarita MAMUN, Alexandra MERKULOVA, Daria SVATKOVSKAYA, Maria TITOVA
  • Spain: Natalia GARCÍA TIMOFEEVA
  • Turkey:Elif Zeynep CELEP
  • Ukraine: Viktoria MAZUR, Alina MAKSYMENKO


Natalia García Timofeeva (ESP)


  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • France
  • China
  • Azerbaijan


Telephone : (FRANCE)

SATURDAY DAY 30TH- Qualifications

13h45 Presentation
14h00 Group A
15h45 Pause
16h15  Group B
18h00 Medals

19h15 Presentation of teams
19h30 First round for Groups
20h15 Pause
20h45 Second round for Groups
21h30 Medals
SUNDAY DAY 31ST – Finals
08h30 / 12h00 Grand Prix  Val-de-Marne
13h45 Presentation for finals GP Thiais
14h00 ‘Grand Prix’ Hoop Final, Ball Final and 10 clubs Final
15h05 Pause
15h45 ‘Grand Prix’ Clubs Final, Ribbon Final and  “3 balls/2 ribbons” Final
16h50  Medals

17h20 Gala 


Palais Omnisports de Thiais
Place Vincent Van Gogh
94320 Thiais

Versión en español

Mañana las delegaciones llegarán a Thiais, París (Francia). Thiais es el 3º Grand Prix del año.

1. MOSCÚ  : 27 de Febrero al 4 de Marzo 2013
2. HOLON : 7 al 11 de Marzo 2013
3. THIAIS  : 30 y 31 de Marzo 2013
4. BRNO  : 5 al 7 de Octubre 2013
5. BERLÍN : 18 al 21 de Octubre 2013 – Final


Teléfono : (FRANCIA)

Sábado día 30 – Jornada de calificación

13h45 Presentación
14h00 Grupo A
15h45 Pausa
16h15  Grupo B
18h00 Medallas

19h15 Presentación
19h30 Competición de conjuntos.
20h15 Pausa
20h45 Competición de conjuntos.
21h30 Ceremonia de entrega de medallas.
Domingo día 31 Finales
08h30 / 12h00 Grand Prix  Val-de-Marne
13h45 Presentación finalistas GP Thiais
14h00 ‘Grand Prix’ Final aro y pelota and 10 mazas Final
15h05 Pausa
15h45 ‘Grand Prix’ Final mazas y cinta y  “3 pelotas/2 cintas” Final
16h50  Ceremonia de entrega de medallas.

17h20 Gala


Palais Omnisports de Thiais
Place Vincent Van Gogh
94320 Thiais