Interview to Natalia García Timofeeva: Izmir 2014

Spanish successful gymnast, Natalia García, will represent her country with Carolina Rodríguez and Sara Llana. Natalia will compete from Monday to Thursday with 4 apparatus, one each day. She also is fighting to become one of the 24 top gymnast of the world.

“This season for me was not easy because I suffered from an injury at the beggining of the season that made me slow down my preparation. Right now, I feel very confident. I tried to do a smart training: short but efficient.”


“My main goal for this Championships is to place in top 24. I know this is not easy, because this year I am not as fit as I was last year, but I think I can made it”

“Last year was not easy for me: I had no sponsors at all and my family paid me the costs of the competitions. This year fortunatly the Federarion is helping me and I could find sponsors”

“I think I am a different gymnast. I do have flexibility but pivots are not my best elements. But my expresion, originalities and handling is good and I can do elements that no ody else is doing at this moment”

“After this World Championships I would like to rest, since I was training hard the whole summer. But my dream would become an Olympic Gymnast in Rio 2016”