Interview to Natalia García


Natalia garcia timofeeva

                      Photo by Alberto López

Natalia García Timofeeva is an individual senior gymnast from Spain. Right now she is the second gymnast of the team, just behind Carolina Rodríguez. Natalia is training in Sant Cugat (where Almudena Cid did) with her coaches Toni and Iratxe since she was 9 years old.

“Almudena Cid is an icon for me. When they invited me to train with her I didn’t realize how great she was”

Natalia García was a star during last World Cup that was held in Guadalajara, Spain:

“When I compete in Spain I feel that I really need to do it well. It is difficult to deal with the tension. My execution is mechanic. I don’t need to think. If I think in a different thing, then it is when the error comes.”

“How can I describe myself? I think that I am a different gymnast. I can say that my elements are quite rare and this is because of my charisma. I want to attract attention from the judges and of course, the audience.”