Interview to Margarita Mamun before Europen Games




Russian European and World Champion, Margarita Mamun, talks about her sports career.

Margarita, how is your preparation to European Games going?

– I’ve just come back from Berlin Grand Prix and I am really happy since I got 4 first positions. My ribbon routine was the only which I didn’t get a medal. Right now, we have a really short break and then we work out for the European Games.

Your teammate Yana Kudryatseva couldn’t attend to Berlin Grand Prix due to exams. What about you?

– Yana is passing exams to attend to University next year. I did these exams two years ago, that’s why I could compete at Universiade in Kazan. I am sure Yana will get good scores so that she could join National University.

Do you talk to other gymnasts during competitions

– I try to be in touch with other gymnasts who speak Russian Language via social networks. I have to say that I speak a lot with Neta Rivkin from Israel.

– How is your daily routine?

– I wake up and then I got ready while I listen to music. If we are in a competition, we go for a walk after it if we can.

– How is the audience from Azerbaijan?

– They are always very nice with us, as I can remember from European Championships in Baku in 2014. I hope it is the same for European Games.

– Yana Kudryatseva is a very good friend of you. How is your relationship during competitions?

– We are fighting for our country: Russia. But I have to say that I remember when Yana’s ribbon music suddenly stop playing at World Championships in Kiev, I started to cry.

– Will your routines have changes this year?

– Irina Zenovka, our choreographer chose a music of Scorpions for my new routine, that will be seen in World Championships in September. I will also have a new leotard.