Amina Zaripova answers fans questions



Former gymnast, Amina Zaripova works nowadays as a coach in Russia, with notable trainees as Anna Trubnikova, Yana Lukonina and  currently, Margarita Mamun. “” purpose fans to send questions to Amina. Here are some facts about Zaripova that you maybe didn’t know:

– “If there was a meal I could choose not to live without I would say meat. I can’t live without it! ”

– “Rita and I have a ritual before going onto the carpet, like every gymnast. But this is private”

– “Margarita is a good girl, well educated and delicate. She has a lot of fans, people who follows and cheers for her”


At this moment, Amina Vasilevna is the head coach of World Champion Margarita Mamun (2013, 2014) and European Champion (2013, 2015).