Melitina Staniouta is not training anymore for the moment


Melitina Staniouta

Successful Belarusian gymnast, Melitina Staniouta is about to retire since she has no more motivation. Melita is suffering from a left foot injury before Olympic Games. Now the pain is becoming more intense.

“My foot is on pain. I thought that I could recover after holidays. Because of this pain I can’t execute some elements.

Melitina Staniouta was one of the favorites for podium position in Rio but some mistakes during her clubs routine made her to finish without a medal.

“I realized these mistakes were quite silly. If only I had the opportunity to repeat this routine just once again, I could execute perfectly one hundred or two hundrer times again. I can say also that 4 years ago, in London Olympic Games in 2012 I wasn’t ready enough. In Rio I felt I was pretty fit. In spite of being sad for these mistakes and so that not getting a medal, I can say I did everything I could.”- said Staniouta.


“A medal for me is my love for gymnastics, the audience and my fans”


Happy Birthday Melitina Staniouta!!

Staniouta euskalgym

Melitina is one of the most successful Belarusian Gymnasts and the great-granddaughter of Belarusian actress Stefaniya Staniouta. Melitina Staniouta finished 5th in Rio Olympic Games overall after a drop in her clubs routine, which pushed her away of podium.

She was born in 15 November 1993 in Minsk, Belarus.  She is also a three-time (2015, 2013 and 2010) World all-around bronze medalist, and the 2014 All-Around European Champion.



Melitina staniouta









Interview to Melitina Staniouta for “SportTime”

Belarusian champion, Melitina Staniouta and her teammate Ekaterina (Katsiaryna) Halkina gave an interview for sportsmagazine “SportTime”. Both will compete this summer in Olympic Games in Rio.

I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans

“The more days left to Olympics, the more I think about it. Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence. It is worth it: nerves and tears. In the Village, you could meet people from many different countries: Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, France… But for the moment, Russia is the leader”

Even just being at the Olympic Village is like a licence

“Now I am 22 years old. I am trying to have different routines. In adition, I will try to add new elements to surprise my fans.”


Source: “SportTime Magazine”  Photo Copyright: Melitina Staniouta for SportTime Magazine