Team Ukraine before European Games



Viktoriya Mazur UKR

Team Ukraine is really looking forward the first European Games thar are going to be held in Baku this month.

“We would like to compete well and make our flag raise. We are working very hard for it. Coaches are trying also to correct all of our mistakes”

Our motto is “the main thing is to always believe”

Last weekend, the whole team had a control training looking forward European Games. The gymnasts that will represent Ukraine in European Games are:

– Anna RIZATDINOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Eleonora ROMANOVA – individual Senior Gymnast

– Yevgeniya GOMON – group Senior Gymnast

– Alena DMITRASH – group Senior Gymnast

– Viktoriya MAZUR – group Senior Gymnast

– Aleksandra GRIDASOVA – group Senior Gymnast

– Valeriya GUDYM – group Senior Gymnast

– Anastasiya VOZNYAK – group Senior Gymnast



Yevgeniya Gomon UKR

“We would like to say thank you to all fans that support us, without them we would not be able to do all these. We would want the whole Ukraine to join us on the way to the First European Games .”



Eleonora Romanova UKR


Anna Rizatdinova UKR

Source: Ukranian Gymnastics Federation