Interview to Anna Baranova, Spanish National team Coach

Anna Baranova was born in Belarus and has a long career as an international coach. Nowadays she is living in Madrid, Spain, working as National Team coach.

“Spanish group could be one of the top groups this season. My goal is this team become a champion. But since the begging I had to find out how is the personality of my gymnasts, their personality.”

“This team is very popular, especially in Spain. When there is a national competition, there’s nobody who wouldn’t like to see their performances. That’s very important in this sport. The audience rely on us.”

“Our team already show off that they have a really high level”

Video about Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Center

Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Center “ISCA” is located in Russia. Its purpose is to promote Rhythmic Gymnastics. A hundred of gymnasts are currently training here. Olympic Champions used to train over here such as Anastasiya Nazarenko or Karolina Sevastyanova.

Daria Dmitrieva or Yana Lukonina (Honored Master of Sports, World Champions), are also working here as coaches. Also Anna Viktorovna Zhitkova is helping as a ballet coach.

Ukrainian Championships 2014 – Videos

National Ukrainian Championships 2014 


Anna Rizatdinova Hoop

Anastasiya Sakal Rope

Viktoriya Mazur Ribbon

Anastasiya Mulmina Ribbon

Anna Rizatdinova Ribbon

Group 10 clubs

Viktoriya Mazur Hoop

Anastasiya Mulmina Clubs

Anastasiya Mulmina Rope

Yevgeniya Gomon Rope

Viktoriya Mazur Rope

Alexandra Gridasova Rope

Viktoriya Mazur Clubs

Anna Rizatdinova Clubs

Russian Cup Videos – New routines

These are some of the brand new routines of the Russian Team, seen this weekend at Russian Cup in Kazan.

Yana Kudryavtseva new Ball

Alexandra Soldatova Clubs

Alexandra Soldatova Ribbon

Alexandra Soldatova Hoop

Dina Averina Ball

Maria Titova Hoop

Anna Trubnikova Hoop

Anna Trubnikova Ball