Alina Kabaeva’s 2018 Festival


Alina Kabaeva (RUS)

Alina Kabaeva’s festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

“The festival is such a big show. There is no other show in Rhythmic Gymnastics like this in the whole world”

Different gymnasts from all around the world were reunited last weekend in Moscow. Italy, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Israel, were invited to this event. Rhythmic Gymnastics stars from Russia and current World Champions, Dina and Arina Averina starred the festival with a performance with swords and hoops. Russian team, Ekaterina Selezneva, Polina Shmatko…were also there in the show. Unfortunatly, Aleksandra Soldatova could not be there because of health issues.

Every year, the festival tells a different story to the audience.

“The festival is traditionally scheduled to the Children’s Day on June 1st. We will show how important it is to meet the right mentor, the person who will help you find your unique way in life. “


Alina Kabaeva Festival 2015


Former Olympic Champion, Alina Kabaeva has recently appeared in public. The reason was that she spent more than 7 hours in a row in her own rhythmic gymnastics festival, called “Alina”. More than 400 gymnasts from all over Russia were invited.

This year, the central theme was about “70 years of Victory”.  Famous Russian  actors and singers were also invited to perform and even a member of Duma.

“Children are very talented”, said Alina about the gymnasts. Recently, Kabaeva was almost not seen in public, since some months ago.