Interview to Ukrainian Judge, Yuliya Atrushkevich

Yuliya Atrushkevich is one of the international judges of Ukraine. Yuliya lives in Odessa, but is often in Kiev helping Irina Deryugina.

In your opinion, who is the most promising individual gymnast in Ukraine?

– Looking forward the future, I would say our top gymnasts could be Mariya Mulik and Alëna Dyachenko.

How could you describe Ukrainian leotards?

– Irina Ivanovna (Deryugina) thinks that leotards must be simple, a extravagant leotard distracts. For me, Rizatdinova’s ones are the most beautiful because they have their own style. In my opinion, nowadays leotards are “too much”: different fabrics, glitter, velvet, mesh, sequins… We even have seen this year again, back to 90’s, leotards without skirt (Margarita Mamun, Varvara Filiou).


Anna Rizatdinova wore a new leotard at Los Angeles Lights 2015 Tournament

– What is your opinion about Ukrainian gymnasts choreographies?

– At this moment, my favorite exercise without any doubt is Carmen, performed by Anna Rizatdinova. I would also choose groups exercises and Rizatdinova’s clubs. We will add some new tricks to fill and complete the exercise, but overall, they are very good. Irina Blohina, our choreographer, helps us with dance steps, transitions and music choice’s. Of course we won’t change our choreographer because that means changing the whole team which is ridiculous.

– Who is your favorite gymnast?

– I would say Irina Deryugina, Oksana Skaldina, Aleksandra Timoshenko and Galina Beloglazova. Nowadays, I could not choose between Yana Kudryavtseva or Margarita Mamun. Both are lovely and smiley and i like their relationship with their coaches. Rita and Amina Zaripova seems like two soul in one.

– In addition to Ukrainian team, which gymnasts do you like?

– Salome Pazhava from Georgia, who has really difficult routines, Mariya Mateva from Bulgaria, Varvara Filiou from Greece and Patricia Bezzoubenko from Canada. But of course, my favorite is my whole team!