Who is going to retire from gymnastics this year?

After World Championships that were held in Kiev, a few gymnasts decide to stop doing gymnastics.

Alina Maksymenko, from Ukraine, decided to become a coach. “After World Championships, I will help in Deriugina school as a coach” – said Alina.

“I will continue training, in fact I will compete until the end of the year.  After this, I am not very sure yet, but probably I may only compete in national competitions. I would also like to help little gymnasts to become rhythmic gymnastics stars”.

Source: http://rg.sport.ua/news/201933


Silviya Miteva, from Bulgaria is another individual gymnasts, with a long career that decide stop doing this sport.

Silviya will be at Euskalgym Gala this year

Since 2003, Silviya competed for Bulgaria (World Championships Budapest 2003). She won bronze medal in Ribbon (Mie WC 2009, Montpellier WC 2011 and EC Vienna 2013).


Marina Fernández, former individual gymnasts from Spain and group gymnast (in 1st group since 2013) said she will retire. Marina didn’t attend to World Championships because of a technical decision of her coaches.

Anastasiya Nazarenko


Anastasiya Bliznyuk


Kseniya Dudkina

Russian group will be compounded by new gymnasts, since Olympic Champions Anastasiya Bliznyuk, Anastasia Nazarenko and capitain of the group, Kseniya Dudkina.

The team from Russia performs during the rhythmic gymnastics gro

Alina Makarenko retired after suffering from a knee injury.


Caroline Weber said goodbye to gymnastics after Vienna European Championships.

More about Caroline’s achievements: https://rhythmic-gymnastics.info/2013/05/31/happy-birthday-caroline-weber/


Darya Dmitrieva, finaly won’t continue training and retires.