EC Vienna 2013: Schedule


European Union of Gymnastics has awarded the implementation of the Euro 2013 championships in rhythmic gymnastics at the Austrian Gymnastics Federation. Vienna is the most populous city in Austria and it is the seventh largest city in the European Union.

The selection of handsets is set in two-year intervals from the International Gymnastics composite. Five appliances stand for the individual and for the group competition for selection.

At the European Championship in Vienna 2013 the group routines will be staged for the junior category.
Each group of five athletes will show its performance with five hoops twice during the qualifying. The top eight groups will then compete in the finals.

Within the senior individual category the athletes will compete in the team contest where up to three athletes per
team show eight free programmes in total. The eight best gymnasts for each apparatus out of the team
contest will then compete in the finals.
Furthermore the three best performances of each gymnast out of the team contest are summed up and
the top 20 athletes of this assessment will be qualified for the individual team apparatus competition at
the European Championships 2014.


Tuesday, 28th of May

Arrival of Delegations
Wednesday, 29 of May

08:00 Training, Hall D
19:00 Orientation session

Thursday, 30th of May

07:30 Training, Hall D
09:00 Judges Information meeting
12:15 Briefing SWISS
Friday, 31. May 10:00

Junior Group Competition (1st Presentation)
H all D
14:00 Senior Competition I, Group C (Hoop, Ball)
H all D
16:45 Senior Competition I, Group B (Hoop, Ball)
H all D
19:15 Opening Ceremony Hall D
20:00 Senior Competition I, Group A (Hoop, Ball)
H all D

Saturday, 1st of June

10:00 Junior Group Competition (2nd Presentation Hall D)
12:15 Award Ceremony: Junior Groups All Around, Hall D
14:00 Senior Competition I, Group B (Clubs, Ribbon) Hall D
16:45 Senior Competition I, Group C (Clubs, Ribbon) Hall D
19:30 Senior Competition I, Group A (Clubs, Ribbon) Hall D
21:45 Award Ceremony: Senior Team Competition, Hall D
Sunday, 2nd of  June

11:00 Junior Group Apparatus Final
11:55 Award Ceremony
15:00 Senior Individual Apparatus Final,
(Hoop, Ball), Hall D
15:55 Award Ceremony Senior Individuals
(Hoop, Ball), Hall D
16:05 Senior Individual Apparatus Final (Clubs, Ribbon)
17:00 Award Ceremony Senior Individuals
(Clubs, Ribbon), Hall D
17:15 Gala + Closing Ceremony, Hall D