MTM Ljublana International Tournament 2014 Results



Katsiaryna Halkina from Belarus is the winner of Saturday’s all-around at the 27th international tournament MTM Narodni Dom. On Sunday, she also won another three victories: hoop, ball and clubs.

Senior and Junior (teams) All-Around results

Second position went for Kseniya Moustafayeva (France) and third, for Salome Phajava from Georgia. Salome is known for an original ribbon routine inspired in Michael Jackson.


From left to right: Kseniya Moustafaeva (FRA), Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR) and Salome Phajava (GEO)
Photo Copyright Bernd Thierolf

Slovenian Challenge Ljubljana



Where will it be?

It will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

When will it be

It will be on Saturday 16th of November


Livestream by Marc:

Official Website


9:30 Girls 1 Competition
10:30 Girls 2 Competition
12:30 Pre-Junior Competition
13:45 Break
15:00 Opening Ceremony
15:15 Junior Individual Competition
16:30 Senior Individual Competition
18:30 Medal Ceremony


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