Rhythmic Gymnastics: Music

Dance Steps by Ukrainian Group under the music ” No Roots” by Alice Merton

The music is the artistic part of a Rhythmic Gymnastics exercise. It is also regulated by Rhythmic Gymnastics Code of Points. A sounds signal may start before the music, which indicates the gymnast to be ready for the song. The sounds of sirens, car engines and non typical music is totally forbidden. Each piece of music must be recorded using CD, single or USB. The name of the gymnast, country (the 3 capital letters used by the FIG to designate the gymnast’s country) and the apparatus.

Natalia Garcia (ESP) during dancing steps
Ukraine’s “Vogue” by Madonna was such an original exercise

Since 2013, music with non-offensive words was allowed to use in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Margarita Mamun’s “Single Ladies” by Beyonce was one of the top exercises of 2015
Salome Pazhava’s “Supremacy” by Muse fitted perfectly for her
Bulgaria’s and the storie of Kaliakra War
Alina Maksymenko’s mesmerazing “Fever”


  • 0.50 point for music not conforming to regulations for Individual and Group exercises.
  • In case the music plays incorrectly (wrong music, music distortion or interruption, etc.), it is the responsibility of the gymnast(s) or Group(s) to stop the exercise as soon as the gymnast(s) or Group(s) realizes the music is incorrect; the gymnast(s) will exit the competition floor and will re-enter and re-start the routine with her/their own/correct music when called to the competition floor.
Italy’s powerful “Eye of the Tiger”
Almudena Cid’s clubs routine using Nancy Sinatra’s music
Vice Olympic Champion Irina Tchachina and her iconic performance “Pirates of the Caribbean”
Spanish Senior Team became World Champions with this flamenco music by Miguel Poveda