COVID-19 guidelines for the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 2020

Number one of Team Ukraine: Vlada Nikolchenko

Ukraine will be hosting the 36th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in the capital’s Palace of Sports from November 26 to 29. The last time that the city of Kiev hosted the European championships in rhythmic gymnastics was in 2004.

Youth Olympic Games medalist, Khrystyna Pohranychna

These championships are being held in the harsh conditions of the global coronavirus pandemic thats why all anti-epidemic rules and security measures are focused on this competition. The European Gymnastics has developed very detailed Covid-19 guidelines for the running of events.

The local organizing committee and its leader, Irina Deriugina, understand this responsibility. Some of these rules include:

  •  In case of a positive Covid-19 result during the event, all contacts of the person who has been infected will be monitored
  • Medals will be disinfected before the award ceremony
  • All participants must show a negative PCR SARS COV2, including gymnasts, staff, judges, coaches, volunteers and the media.
  • Disposable masks are mandatory for everyone.
  • Surfaces will be disinfected several times a day
  • All public events are canceled, such as the final banquet, gala concert, city tours, receptions.
Rising junior Ukrainian star, Melaniia Tur
Worldwide medalist Yeva Meleshchuk
The winner of Grand Prix Deriugina Cup 2020, Viktoriia Onopriienko
The new member of Senior Team Ukraine, Nikol Krasiuk
Nikol Krasiuk
Khrystyna Pohranychna
Melaniia Tur
Melaniia Tur
Yeva Meleschuk
Vlada Nikolchenko

Disclaimer: all images belong to Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation