Bulgarian Senior Group will not participate at European Championships

Laura Traets and Erika Zafirova

Bulgarian Senior group recently confirmed that they withdrawn from European Championships in Kiev from November 26 to 29 since a member of the team, Erika Zafirova, tested positive for coronavirus.

Local news reported that the team will be on quarantine for ten days and they will not be able to train either compete.

Bulgaria 5 Balls 2020

Bulgarian Senior Group will no longer travel to the Kiev 

This group has been in top 5 positions since 2014 and they clearly were favorites.

The situation right now is really unstable due to the Covid crisis in the whole Europe. Irina Deriugina confirmed this week that their intention is to still organize the event under strict conditions and with no audience.

Bulgarian Senior Group in 2019

On the other hand, Boryana Kaleyn and Katrin Taseva, will represent Bulgaria in the individual competition.

Boryana Kaleyn
Katrin Taseva