10 best Rhythmic Gymnastics exercises in 2018

We are in the end of the season 2018 and most of the gymnasts are already on the way of 2019 season. Next year will be pretty intense since it is the previous season of Olympic year.

These are some of the examples of the best exercises of the year:

Bulgaria Senior Group 5 Hoops

Bulgarian senior group are European and World Champions in 5 hoops in 2018.

Dina Averina Ball

Dina is currently the World Champion in Ball

Linoy Ashram Hoop

This extremely difficult exercise is one of the best routines of the year

Italy 3 balls and 2 ropes

“The eye of the tiger” will made history as one of the most powerful exercises ever

Alexandra Agiurgiuculese Ball

The Italian gymnast won the bronze medal at World Championships in 2018

Boryana Kaleyn Ball

Boryana is the new rising star from Bulgaria

Milena Baldasarri Ribbon

Milena is the silver medalist of World Championships in 2018.

Katsiaryna Halkina Ball

Katya is the European Bronze medalist in All-Around competition

Neviana Vladinova ball

Neviana is back to competirion after a tough injury.

Vlada Nikolchenko Hoop

Ukraine’s Vlada Nikolchenko who has just turned 16 is currently top 1 in team Ukraine