Sports Muscle Analysis: starring Spanish Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Team


What is an athlete true physical state before competing? “The techrace” muscular analysis reveals all.

Prior to any important competition it is essential to know athlete’s physical state. This information could help coaches to provide them information about the athlete’s needs and of course, to prevent injuries. The Spanish Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics team carried out this test just two months before Olympic Games in Rio, where they won Silver medal.

“It is very difficult to guess in which physical state we are. We could have sensations: sometimes we could feel tired and with pain” – Alejandra Quereda (ESP)

At the University of Castilla La Mancha in Toledo, the Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics Senior Group were ready to go under four specific tests in preparation for Olympic Games. This tests are really important to know how athletes (physically) 60 days before Olympic Games. The first test which is called “Dexa” indicates the muscle, fat and water within the body. The next step, focuses on coordination, visual awareness and reaction speed. All is esential to reach the most complicated choreographies.

The third test, TMG, helps to prevent injuries since it says in which condition the muscle is. The fourth test, the jump test which allows coaches to see the explosive force.  They can measure the vertical force, velocity, jump height and power.

Rhythmic Gymnastics combines elements of ballet and gymnastics. Group competition was incorporated in 1996 (Olympic Games Atlanta). But during Olympic Games not everything comes down to the condition of the body. The mind also plays a crucial role.

Source: Olympic  Channel