Most Expressive Gymnasts

Each different gymnast has her own charisma, we can see it in their routines. Which are the most expressive gymnasts?

1. Natalia García (ESP)


Natalia García has half Spanish half Russian blood and that is showed on her original routines using from classical to pop music such as Thalia.

2. Anna Rizatdinova (UKR)


Ireesha Blohina (Anna’s coach) knows that Rizatdinova is really expressive and chooses music that suits Anna very well. She loves Michael Jackson and Lana del Rey.

3. Varvara Filiou


Varvara is extremely kind with her fans and that is really well known. She can perform under traditional Greek music or modern music.

4. Carolina Rodríguez (ESP)


Spanish top current gymnast, Carolina Rodríguez is nowadays one of the top most expressive gymnasts. She can execute under Spanish music, Flamenco or Classical. “My parents are deaf but they can guess what kind of music I am performing just because of my moves”

5. Polina Shmatko (RUS)


Polina is fierce. Her routines are unique and really different from other junior gymnasts of her age.

6. Daria Svatkovskaya (RUS)


Former European Champion, Daria Svatkovskaya surprised the audience during Vienna European Championships. Her hoop routine was the best of hoop final, beating even Margarita Mamun and Yana Kudryatseva. Daria retired because of a back injury.

7. Alina Maksymenko (UKR)


Alina was audience’s favorite during London Olympic Games. Her expression and moves were unique.

8. Daria Kondakova (RUS)


Daria Kondakova retired just some months before London Olympic Games because of a knee injury. Her routines were strenght personified.