Eleonora Romanova talks about training in Novogorsk



Since the beggining of the year, Eleonora Romanova, who compited for Ukraine last year, is living in Russia. Right now, Elya is living in National Gymnastics Center, Novogorsk, sharing room with Darya Priddanikova and Karina Kuznetsova.

Her coach is Evgeniya Kanaeva, twice Olympic Champion (Beijing and London), who is working on Romanova’s routines. For the moment, she is training her new ball and ribbon routines since Elya could not compete for Russian until 2017.


“The conditions are much better in Russia: we start the sessions during the morning and in my opinion, training are more effective”

The last words said by UKR Gymnastics Federation about Elya’s situation was:

“To sum up : Eleonora Romanova was staying with her parents in Krasnodon (region of Lugansk) after New Year and the coaches of the National team have been shocked to find out of her presence in Russia. Currently, neither the gymnast nor her parents have reached out to Ukrainian RG Federation and never informed the Federation of the wish to change citizenship”



Source: gymnasticsclub.eu