Gymnast of the week: Varvara Filiou

Varvara filiou

Varvara Filiou was born in December 29, 1994 in Attiki, Greece. She is a 8 time (2008-2016) Greek National Champion. She is one of Greece’s most successful rhythmic gymnasts and she also got a direct qualification for Olympic Games in Rio at last World Championships in Stuttgart. Varvara’s mother, Eleonora Marinova is a former Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnast. Since a few years, Filiou is living in Moscow and training with Russian National Team in Novogorsk. Her coach is Russian aswell. Her former coaches were Evmorphina Dona (Greek champion) and Aliya Garayeva (Olympian from Russia/Azerbaijan).

These following pictures were taken in a photoshoot with Varvara and her family during World Championships in Stuttgart. Her parents were searching for Greek people living in Stuttgart, Germany to support her daughter during World Championships. And sure, they found a few people: Greek restaurant owners, who organized a private Greek (music, food and drink)party after Varvara got her qualification for Rio. All these pictures belong to website.