Interview to Almudena Cid


Eight years ago, Almudena Cid announced her retirement. Almu is a RG legend, becoming the only rhythmic gymnast who competed in four Olympic finals.

“I’ve always dreamed to become an actress. I assume that even in my gymnastics career I had an actress side. I looked stronger than I actually was when I competed. I really felt unbreakable. When I retired my new life was not easy at all. ”

– How could you describe your gymnastics life?

– I remember that life every single day. Now that I am an actress I can express my feelings to the audience, like I did when I was a gymnast.

– How was your role as a gymnast?

– When I watch back my videos, I feel like I was a different. I was not that unbreakable than I looked like on the carpet. I was really competitive. Now, I am feeling more authentic, I don’t need to hide my feelings.


– What is your opinion about masculine rhythmic gymnastics?

– We have seen a few rhythmic gymnasts boys with a high level. But since other countries of the world didn’t recognize them as gymnasts, this category didn’t exist. But I think they really deserve a position in this sport. It is a way of expression (although there is controversy around it, moreover the aesthetic part). If we exclude them, it is like going a step backwards.

– You are also a writer. Tell us about it

When I decided to retire I had the opportunity to speak about my memories. I thought that writting about the end of my career  wouldn’t be as useful as speaking about my sportslife as an elite gymnast. And that’s why I pretend to express when I write my books: to help the girls who are starting their gymnast career. “Olympia” is starring my tales. She is quite sensitive. You can see what I felt before, during and after competitions through her character.


Source: YoDona Magazine