Mikhaela Maevska (Bulgarian Group) is injured



Bulgarian Group captain, Mikhaela Maevska (in the middle) injured her left knee during 5 ribbons exercise in World Cup Pesaro last weekend in Italy. This week, magnetic resonance imaging will decide the seriousness of her injury.

“I hope I can recover soon, since now I am feeling fine. I remember I had the same problem four years ago. That time, we fixed it really quickly and could compete again in a few weeks. My goal now is to compete at World Cup Sofia at the end of May.” – said Maevska

As Mikhaela said, for years ago she underwent surgery on her knee and, twenty-five days after, she could train again. Now again her meniscus injured. Maevska will be examined by an orthopaedic surgeon in Germany, who will determine if the surgery (knee arthroscopy) is needed.