Eleonora Romanova could compete for Russia



Ukrainian gymnast, Eleonora Romanova could change her citizenship and compete under Russian flag, as Regnum.ru confirms. Elya didn’t compete with team Ukraine in the beggining of the season. We couldn’t see her at L.A. Lights, Miss Valentine or Ukrainian Championships. Some other rumours say that Romanova is injured. According to this website, Eleonora could soon compete representing Russia.

This weekend the first stage of Ukranian Championships were held in Uzhgorod. Anna Rizatdinova won gold medal while Viktoriya Mazur was second and, Anastasiya Mulmina third.

Ukrainian RG Federation spoke about this situation: “To sum up : Eleonora Romanova was staying with her parents in Krasnodon (region of Lugansk) after New Year and the coaches of the National team have been shocked to find out of her presence in Russia. Currently, neither the gymnast nor her parents have reached out to Ukrainian RG Federation and never informed the Federation of the wish to change citizenship. However, we are aware that she was seen in Moscow. Eleonora Romanova has been financed in full by the government of Ukraine and sponsorship during all the years of her stay in National team. Normally the preparation of an athlete of such a high level costs approximately 2-5 mln. USD.”

Ukrainian RG also said in their website: “Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine respects the rights of any person , including the athlete’s right to freedom of expression in accordance with the sports law . However, if you make this decision contributed to certain circumstances , which do not comply with the principles of the Olympic Code , then, of course , Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation for its part will undertake certain legal actions in full compliance with the principles of international sports law.”