Bulgarian Group will change their two routine for Olympic Games in Rio


Bulgaria 5 Ribbons World Championships Stuttgart 2015


Ina Ananieva, head coach of the Bulgarian Senior Group wants to change both exercises looking forward Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“Since I became the head coach of this group we changed each year our compositions. Bulgaria will not  go to the Olympic with old routines. We need to show something different, so that we will have both routines” – said Ina.

World Championships in Stuttgart were really successful for Bulgarian Group. They got bronze medal in hoops and clubs final and silver medal in All-Around competition.

“Bulgarian group deserves a medal in Rio Olympics” – said their coach Ina Ananieva

“I really want these girls yo succeed in the Olimpic Games. They truly deserve it” – said Ananiega in a recently interview

Bulgaria will start working on the next season on 10th of October.