2014 Retirements

This year several gymnasts decided to stop doing gymnastics, most of them due to medical reasons.


Hoop and All-Around European Champion Daria Svatkovskaya announced her retirement in August due to a serious spine injury. Doctors said to Dasha that she must stop doing gymnastics. First of all, surgery was the first option, but finaly it was not neccesary.

“Thank you so much to all my coaches, Irina Alexandrovna Viner, Anna Shumilova and my mum. Thank you also to my choreographers, doctors, Oleg Naumov for your amazing picture”
“I don’t know how I will live now without Rhythmic Gymnastics”
“Take advantage of what you have now in this moment, because maybe next day, you won’t have it” – Dasha said.


Lala Yusifova (second from left) announced her retirement in September. After a long break because of her shoulder injury, she was back for Azerbaijan Championships, where she won silver medal behind current national champion Marina Durunda. World Cup Corbeil-Essonnes was her last international tournament.


Alexandra Piscupescu who won the 2014 Irina Deleanu Cup also announced her retirement from Rhythmic Gymnastics after Romanian Championships. She placed 32nd at World Championships and was 6 times Romanian Champion.