Rhythmic Gymnastics Facts


  • Russian gymnasts Nataliya Bulycheva and Sofiya Tesmenitskaya  are working as a model. Nataliya is living in Paris and Sofiya in Singapore


  • Anna Rizatdinova met Almudena Cid during Corbeil-Essonnes World Cup this year.  She really admires Almudena and her personality



  • Ukrainian gymnasts love a rock band from Ukraine called “Okean Elzy” (Elsa’s Ocean)


  • Group from Belarus was claimed to change 3+2 music few weeks before European Championships


  • Carolina Rodríguez doesn’t want to retire before Rio 2016


  • Team Ukraine will be in a training camp the first week of July


  • Lala Yusifova’s favorite gymnast is Alina Maksymenko


  •  Anna Bessonova started doing rhythmic gymnastics when she was 5 years old


  • Salome Pazhava trains between 6 and 7 hours a day


  • Some gymnasts (also former) from Spanish team are medicine students such as Alejandra Quereda and Loreto Achaerandio